Painful the day you find nothing to fill your time; no drinking or inhumane, to fill your time - save the pain. Given the days of peace, the longings are gone when they no longer confine us to beds, built late nights after meaningless work, and shielded by reruns instead of appreciation. Fou (under my mind)

Chainlink. It's cold, and I'm warm and you're dead in your mind. Dumb, more likely. But I'm stuck and smitten.

Texas is bald. The nights of driving late through New Mexico ignoring the stars to reach a lover-unnapreciative are over. This is the piece we realize that the pretension of others is worthless, and in order to live in peace as we are to be, giving up their cyber-concerns isn't as hard as it seems to be. 

Just realize that peace in the unjust mind of others is impossible.

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