Slumdog's Night

There are no slight transitions in life - we are thrust either willingly or unwillingly into the next segment of what we are doing, all the time.

I received another 'thrust' this weekend, when the hospital informed me, they were cutting all hours from part-time employees, guaranteeing me no hours on the next schedule.

Now, I haven't depended on this job, like some, but it has been a job that has kept me close to home because of the good pay and people I have befriended in close to 5 years at Reid.

I am not mad or upset, but rather now more inclined to step forward into the next step of my ascension to the head of a multi-million dollar enterprise. (We'll see)

Anyhow, I'm ready to move on, none the less, and enter the next chapter, the problem is, I haven't decided what THAT is.

What I'm Reading 2.23

The Academy Awards were last night and Slumdog Millionaire took home top honors for Picture and Director, as well as 5 more Oscars, Sunday night. I enjoyed many of the movies this year and saw all of the best picture nominees, I feel Slumdog was the best.

There are some really incredible stories about the actors/actresses surrounding the rags to riches story, for some of the kids in the movie, they were flown to Hollywood to partake in the awards and then it will be back to the slums in the next couple days.

Atlantis may have been discovered, by Google.

More on Slumdog, it seems the entire country of India is celebrating 'Slumdog's' success.

Speaking of movies, here are some early predictions for the 2010 Oscars, which will be here before you know it. If nothing else, if gives you some movies to keep an eye on this year.

The Rugby 6 nations tournament is in full swing again, and Wales have started off to the tune of a 2 - 0 start.

Marvin Harrison, Colts WR, may ask for a release.

Spring Training is in full swing, and the first ST game is Wednesday. Summer is just around the corner.

And last, but certainly, not least Girl Scout cookie sales are down this year, officials are blaming the economic downturn.


A distinguished feeling

I've heard that at some point, in every young artist's life, there is a turning point. A point of time, an event or a result that confirms entry into their next segment of life.

I hate to call myself an artist, but merely a student of the world, caught up in the happenings of the everyday life, asking why on the subject of, well, everything.

I do feel however, whether I'm an artist, writer, or skeptic, I had a moment that changed my trajectory of life this past weekend.

Heading home from Indianapolis, Sunday, I was held up in traffic for more than 3 hours. After several anxious minutes that dragged on to create hours, a text message revealed to me that two people were killed mere yards ahead of me in a head-on collision.

Other than feeling for the families, partially understanding the shock a family deals with after a tragic and quick loss, I was lost with my mind, misunderstanding my connection to the event until the next day.

While scraping dishes and pulling carts down the elevators from the patient floors on Monday, I replayed the previous day in my head - the hours of waiting and the tragic realization of the events that took place.

I think all of the time, as I have said, about "things that drift away, like our endless numbered days" and what my role is, in the world. (thanks to Iron & Wine for that) I really do.

Getting back, I thought about my entire process of departure of the day prior - what if, I had talked a little less, not brushed my teeth, or NOT taken the dog out one last time?

A person cannot project his/her life but we do make decisions leading to the final outcome of how our life will either end or continue, mostly always without the ability to know the result - the ultimate unknown in our lives.

I also don't assume to say that had I left Chris and Amiee's earlier the same events would have happened, I'm merely stressing that I changed my outlook this weekend, again, and in-so-doing, I met myself, where I hope to stand for many years to come.

What a tragic time those families are going through - but - how blessed are we for every moment we have with the people we love - even in our darkest days.

Don't let insignificance get you down every day. Realise those who remain beside you, whom you work for, is what matters in this world - all that matters.

I often wonder if the next moment will be my last, but I don't obsess. I wonder too, when people meet their ends in such a quick space of time - what about the day leading up to that professed to them that that day would be their last? If anything.

My lesson is, and has continued to be, live your life as if it could end in the next moment. Don't bother with needless worries, mind yourself and those around you with care. Not only will you end your life, with a reminder you did everything you could to make the best of this life, you will end each day with gladness and fulfillment in your heart.


Retribution and Valentine's Day

Police in South Carolina are attempting to build a case against the once great swimmer, Michael Phelps.

Despite my feelings on the entire thing (i think he should be grilled), I think this type of hopeful-celebrity-investigation nonsense is stupid. And whilst the police continue on this goose chase to get 'evidence' he smoke pot, everyone else stops and thinks, it was ONLY marijuana.


Anyway, girl scout cookies are in and I know those thin mints are waiting on me, as I've waited on them.

The Daytona 500 is this weekend, and with it, comes my realization that my apathy for the sport is so strong, i can't believe this sentence has gone on this long.

The Lone Grove, Oklahoma area was shocked to realize they can still get tornado's - nine have now perished as a result of the storm.

And for you Twister fans, the storm was an EF-4.

Speaking of movies, the Oscar's are a little more than a week away and I'm feeling Slumdog, will bark again.

If I haven't mentioned it before, Slickdeals.net, is a crafty little site to get a deal on about anything from used DVD's to computers, to lingerie and dinner coupons.

Speaking of slickdeals and dinner coupons, here is a wonderful deal for a meal for two at Texas Roadhouse. Not my fave but a really good deal, none the less. And another, buy one entree get one free at TGIFriday's.

Just check out Slickdeals.

On the subject of Valentine's day, or St. Valentine's day, I think it apporopriate that you understand who St. Valentine was. He was merely a priest who suffered martyrdom in 269 AD. His relics are on display at Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin and at the Church of St. Praxed in Rome.

He apparently went against the emperor and performed marriages for soldiers. The emperor (Claudius) believed that married men did not make god soldiers and therefore banned soldiers from being wed. Valentine proceeded with the marriages in secrecy, until Claudius discovered his actions and had Valentine thrown into jail. While in jail, Valentine, according to The Golden Legend, wrote the first 'valentine' to a young lady he supposedly was infatuated with. According to the legend, the note read: 'From your Valentine."

Speaking of old stuff, which makes me think of hairless-ness, odor and toothless-ness, Bella, yes the dog, is suffering some of the last-named.



A rather good explanation of Cricket.


Giant Snowball on Hampstead Heath

London and the UK continues to be blanketed by snow, the most snow in more than 18 years.

Some people seem to have left work all together and joined in Hampstead Heath.


What I'm' Reading 2.2

After that disgusting display of a super Bowl last night, once again I emphasize a small 's', I made it to bed, but not before reading a few things that should enlighten and enhance your view of the world.

Although, probably odd to those of you here, London and the UK received snow yesterday and last night and the precipitation is very rare for the Britons, therefore causing plenty of travel problems.

And if you are having trouble (chuckling) there are plenty of contacts to help you in the event of a dreadful event, such as snow.

The super bowl commercials were just OK, in my opinion but you can vote for your favorite here.

One of the commercials about the two nobodies, near the beginning of the game, was actually made by two brothers from Batesville, Ind.

My personal favorite was the 'Tips - Career Builder' commercial.

Moving on, egg and sperm donations are up, many expect it is due to the bad economy.

I nearly forgot, the groundhog saw his shadow.

Up In Smoke

After that disaster of a super Bowl - notice I emphasize a small 's', due to a lack of super-ness - I wrapped up my weekend reading a story that really disappoints and unnerves me.

I didn't hear about it prior until I looked at my BBC Headline drop-down from my toolbar, but Michael Phelps was apparently caught on camera smoking marijuana at a party in South Carolina. Phelps has since apologized to his fans.

He better be apologizing hard to his sponsors as well, but then again, in many ways I'm not surprised.

The post-Olympic buzz, no pun intended, has bitten Phelps more than once now, as he was arrested in 2004 for a DUI, when he was 19.

I could care less, now, how disappointed he is, I am appalled and disappointed at what he has done for his young fans.

But, the fact remains that he has clearly broken the law at least twice, and most definitely many more times.

To me it seems Phelps, like so many other athletes, believe they can continue on their paths of UN-righteousness and never be bothered, or, get caught.

Well, this makes twice for Phelps and if he has one more, he will lose sponsorship and will probably have to answer to someone with more clout than his mother.

I think this young man - 6 months older than me - is a disgrace, at this point and an embarrassment to U.S.A. Swimming and to the country itself.

The golden boy continues to show tarnish and it is really sad he can't leave the nonsense behind when he HAS TO know so many young kids, like the ones I coach, look up to him. It is agravating to anyone who struggles to succeed in anything, when they see a story about the most successful Olympian of all time smoking marijuana and getting arrested for DUI.

I hope he feels bad and I hope someone unseats him in the coming competitions, because it is a disgrace that this athlete continues to display his disinterest in professionalism when he could be so much more, especially to the 7 to 11 year olds I see every night at Hibberd Pool.

"I want to be like Michael Phelps," I've heard many of them say, since his success in Beijing.

I hope for their sake, at this point, they soon don't hold onto that wish.

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