bad writing and bananas

reading bad writing is the vein
and the rain, and it covers...
spilled out of houses where eaves
called gutters leak, and seep
peek and you'll see that the only
thing that you have when I am not there
is everything.

and reading bad writing is the worst thing I do each day
unless i am not reading anything,
then it's just the only thing I do
and since you left 
it is all I do
it is all I do

and I fall asleep to the memory of rain pouring outside
wishing I would have read a little bit more
a little bit more
a little bit more
the floor looked more appealing
than the peeling of those week-old bananas
we passed out to the drunks and the meth addicts
both of which more needed houses and drug counselors
and recognition of the fact that the people they say 
are really just there to
what they need are more than bananas, 
and I'm no different
especially since the idea of your face close to mine entered again,
and again,
before i realized it's not happenin'
just like my friends;
the drunks, and the meth addicts
who will ne're get what they need. 
but, i will.
and, sadly, I'll ask for more.

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