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Placing my finger in my mouth to get that orange Cheeze-It remains out of the back of my teeth, I became startled. What is that poking out of my gum that I don't remember before? For years I've denied that I, of all people, would require what I just now Google-searched (image and cost)...the removal of my wisdom teeth. From what I read, those darn things that now cost $481/each for extraction (according to some dental academic at a school in Illinois), we have 'wisdom teeth' because our ancestors - and by ancestors, I don't mean Funkhousers and Vances - needed such teeth to eat whatever it is that primordial human-esque beings eat.

You know, it's amazing I thought, how much you appreciate time at certain jobs, but how much more you praise in thanksgiving that you're not doing whatever-that-thing-was-that-you-did, anymore. The text messages, blaming of lack to responses, and the simple nonsense I dealt with (albeit with quite a bit of satisfactory skills training and freedom) is somewhat of a burden on my heart, given the amount of effort I truly gave for those few years. In addition to becoming more assertive, and moving to California on account of the job, I also learned the importance of boundaries, and when and how to call friends "friends" and when not to. Thank goodness I'm not mixed up in that game that pulled me so far from reality, and people - at times - that I'll never be able to explain to those powers-that-still-be, or the people in any circle. However, I can take the gifts earned through those experiences traverse further and further left (or right) and keep moving in this temporal paradise we find ourselves enjoying.

This week is going to be full...Young Life tonight, dinner with one friend tomorrow, dinner with another friend Wednesday, dinner with homeless Thursday, and Friday night...SINGLES ONLY Valentine's party at the Psych ward, a.k.a. our new house. This house, while I'm on the topic is really turning around. If I had a picture (I just typed pitcher before deleting the entire line out of disgust) I would share the floor, now refinished and the living room that is no longer bare but filled with furniture. Soon.

I'm quite content for the first time in probably 10 years. I truly think that given the nature of life, and the struggle that it's been to live out here for nearly three years, I have been given an opportunity to be grateful, and I believe I'm doing a good job.

This month will be an adventure, what with continual renovations, work, and the possibility of being able to finally discern what futures may hold in more grand fashion via opportunities willed out of Grace, more than anything else I can explain. I believe work is going to change, but I'm pleased with the people I get to spend time with everyday, and I'm trying harder and harder not to complain about anything, though I certainly do fail time and again. But, that's why we get up each day; to get better at living, to reap that which we've hopefully sowed in our witness to Truth and ultimate Love through our sacrifices.

Anyway...I hope that thing sticking out of my gum is just a wedged sunflower shell or something.

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