What I'm Reading 4.25

Switching from aspirations for Broadway, publishing the next great American novel, teaching kids, having kids, and sailing around the world; I can’t have the same goals without realizing I might NOT do any of them.

Am I the only one that wants to do a hundred things but is dragged by anxiety at the moment of truth?

I wish I could accept who I am and move on, work hard and be pleased with the results but I’m still a long way from that.

Here’s what I’m reading:

The New York Times did a story on my main man Mike Leake.

Wal-Mart is cutting the price of the iPhone 3GS by $100; sounds like the release of the new iPhone is ever closer.

The Topsy-Turvy and other upside-down plant growers are gaining steam all over the place.

A story about a 77-year regular to Sardi’s a restaurant in NYC. It’s A great example of a great feature-profile.

The DOW dipped below 10,000 this morning at the opening amid worries in Korea.

Dell is set to release an iPad competitor. Please. I played with an iPad for the first time this weekend. Sweet.

The British Medical Council has banned the doctor who drew a connection between the MMR shot and Autism.

Apparently Google’s Pac Man logo is being blamed for hours of lost productivity.


What I'm Reading and doing 5.24

Who would have thought Thursday night, by Saturday night I’d be eating boiled quail eggs rolled in cucumber and a Japanese spice mixture, white salmon on a bed of shredded sweet potatoes and drinking Founders Red Rye Pale Ale?

And, not to mention staying at the Ambassador East Hotel in downtown Chicago, within walking, or in my case, running distance of Lake Shore Drive – beautiful weekend all around and I thank my sidekick and her parents for the splendid time.

We went to a wedding at the beautiful Notre Dame de Chicago church Saturday before eating some lunch (French fries) at Stanley’s a sports bar/restaurant with a parking lot adjacent devoted to corn-hole and Busch Light.

Following mass we headed to the reception where the delicious and fine appetizers of quail eggs, minced fish on spicy crackers and squash in Fila cups were being passed around; as well as the Red Rye Ale, a nice Bordeaux and Riesling.

Yesterday morning, Amy and I went for a run on Lake Shore Drive to Navy Pier, and then ran back and walked around for a few hours down Michigan Ave.; the Magnificent Mile, before heading back home.

Today, I’m really interested in further developments of the BP Oil Spill; and the reaction and re-reaction from BP officials and the administration. IS this a topic that will define Mr. Obama’s administration?

Used cars may be gaining value, while the new car industry is tanking, the used car business is thriving. Ask my friend Josh, and well me.

I made the Indianapolis Star, Web site at least!

New movie; Captain America will be shot innnnnnnnnnnnn……London!?

The Reds are going first-to-third better than anyone in baseball. I’m worried about Bailey’s shoulder and Cueto’s blister w/ Harang’s non-sensical approach to getting no one out, now.

Five Web sites that can change news.


What I'm Reading; Election coverage, Tased Fans, Pure-Bred Dog Cancer and Spiderman!

This morning I awoke in a pile of sweat, stress and anxiety.

A perfect way to start any day.

After rushing around, a couple brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts, application of mismatched socks and a struggle in locking the apartment door; I set off for The Star Press.

Now, because I'm 'part time' I don't feel like a 'real' member of the media but, today I was entitled to boss anyone around as I was the Delaware County AP correspondent.

I wrote three stories, polished and left by 2:30 p.m. I was to report to the Delaware Co. building by 6 p.m., as the polls closed for the primary election and I was to begin reporting to Spokane, Wash. on the results in Indiana.

What I'm reading:

Went to see Phish 3-D and at first I was skeptical but soon my skepticism although I'd hope it might linger, was swept off instead...

No apparent tea party affect in Indiana and North Carolina races.

A great lead from a great Keith Roysdon, announced the fact where media staffers were kicked out of the Democratic headquarters on election night.

Ernie Harwell, longtime broadcaster of the Detroit Tigers is dead at 92.

More fallout on the tased-Philly fan by Rob Neyer.

Cancer risks of pure-bred dogs by the Wall Street Journal.

AND, SPIDERMAN has come to the rescue, in a comic book store no less.


What I'm Reading 5.3; 3-D, Public Access, Oil Spills, Immigration, Eminem and a lost iPhone

Following a rather relaxing weekend, the week begins with the fruit of procrastination and no motivation to complete tasks even the most menial of laborers would finish.

This weekend I went to the Heorot 3-days in a row, went home; made $101.20 in yard sale junk, made tomato-basil-cream sauced tortellini and garlic bread, took a nap that ended up being a nights sleep and effectively worried about WHAT i had to do; without doing it.

Even with the urge of flying monkeys lifting me away, I'm not sure I would hurdle my problem with procrastination; perhaps because it has never fully-dispersed my success in completing tasks put off to the last minute.

Either way, I have a full week ahead, including a spot as an AP new correspondent; but, really. I have to total the votes for Delaware County and report on them to an AP desk person waiting for my tally and information gathering ability.

I have about 5 stories to write this week, none-of-which close to resembling something to put into a professional publication.

It's finals week and I'm not a student; nor do I care to be at this point.

Starbucks - bold and black - is a perfect way to start the week.

What I'm reading:

WOW! Muncie's channel 60, public access is up and running.

Yet another potential-victim to the oil nonsense in the Gulf.

United and Continental have merged. I can't wait until all the mergers because of the 'perfect' capitalist model, become one and we have government and one-private business. Then who do we root for?

Archbishop Tim Dolan spouts about immigration reform. I'm with my brother on this, as you should be.

IN Memphis, a mom turned her so in for stealing drugs from her bra.

In Tulsa, a back backed his car through the walll of a parking structure.

If you haven't heard, the image of morality is rapping about Ben Roethlisberger's 'struggles'.

Roger Ebert is against turning 3-D into the movie 'way of life'.

Speaking of 3-D, Phish in 3-D is at select theaters and I'm going to see it tonight in Plainfield, Ind. The 2.25 hour 'movie' is made up of the Halloween show in Indio, Calif. last year; including favorites like: Loving Cup, Strange Design, Wilson and Undermind.

And, again, the saga of the lost iPhone 4 goes on.

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