What I'm Reading 5.3; 3-D, Public Access, Oil Spills, Immigration, Eminem and a lost iPhone

Following a rather relaxing weekend, the week begins with the fruit of procrastination and no motivation to complete tasks even the most menial of laborers would finish.

This weekend I went to the Heorot 3-days in a row, went home; made $101.20 in yard sale junk, made tomato-basil-cream sauced tortellini and garlic bread, took a nap that ended up being a nights sleep and effectively worried about WHAT i had to do; without doing it.

Even with the urge of flying monkeys lifting me away, I'm not sure I would hurdle my problem with procrastination; perhaps because it has never fully-dispersed my success in completing tasks put off to the last minute.

Either way, I have a full week ahead, including a spot as an AP new correspondent; but, really. I have to total the votes for Delaware County and report on them to an AP desk person waiting for my tally and information gathering ability.

I have about 5 stories to write this week, none-of-which close to resembling something to put into a professional publication.

It's finals week and I'm not a student; nor do I care to be at this point.

Starbucks - bold and black - is a perfect way to start the week.

What I'm reading:

WOW! Muncie's channel 60, public access is up and running.

Yet another potential-victim to the oil nonsense in the Gulf.

United and Continental have merged. I can't wait until all the mergers because of the 'perfect' capitalist model, become one and we have government and one-private business. Then who do we root for?

Archbishop Tim Dolan spouts about immigration reform. I'm with my brother on this, as you should be.

IN Memphis, a mom turned her so in for stealing drugs from her bra.

In Tulsa, a back backed his car through the walll of a parking structure.

If you haven't heard, the image of morality is rapping about Ben Roethlisberger's 'struggles'.

Roger Ebert is against turning 3-D into the movie 'way of life'.

Speaking of 3-D, Phish in 3-D is at select theaters and I'm going to see it tonight in Plainfield, Ind. The 2.25 hour 'movie' is made up of the Halloween show in Indio, Calif. last year; including favorites like: Loving Cup, Strange Design, Wilson and Undermind.

And, again, the saga of the lost iPhone 4 goes on.


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