What I'm Reading 4.27; small horses, oil in the gulf, dead wallabies and redirected flights

Today I felt like I was pumping out stories like the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

Okay, that's in poor taste, at least to the Gulf sea-life, but also to those people who really are pumping out stories like nobodies business.

We've got snow in New England, Oil in the Gulf, a plane re-routed on its way from Paris to Atlanta to Bangor, Maine and dogs killing wallabies. I can't imagine the summer will be any more exciting.

The drilling to offset and redirect the oil being spilled into the Gulf, will take months to complete.

The plane I mentioned, was redirected to a Maine airport after an passenger said he had a fake passport and explosives in his luggage.

In Gaston, Ind. a woman is nursing a baby wallaby, after dogs apparently killed her four wallabies. The baby was in the mother's pouch. Weird.

If you're familiar with baseballreference.com, check out the many teams and jerseys of Matt Stairs.

The NY Giants have invited 33-year-old, former-Marine and Ball State Cardinal, Brandon Crawford to training camp.

An interesting interview with Jorge Posada.

A 6-pound horse may set a world record.

A man in Montana was fined for scaring 7-year old.

The saga goes on in the iPhone 4 saga.


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