What I'm Reading 4.21; Bear Affair, iPhone 4, Franny Boyle and Lady Gaga, $100s, Alf

Never before have I thought about the thought of wondering how and where carnivals come from.

Today, as I made my daily trek to the stop to catch the MITS bus, a system that has been running as consistently as well, I have, trailers carrying 'Bear Affair' and part of a Ferris wheel passed me by. It was as if the 10' tall bears were waving at me as they passed by in their blue cover-alls and red caps.

I then thought the occurrence and why it occurred and where carnivals come from. It's not that I doubt the existence of carnival-equipment-storage facilities but I surely had never thought about it. The bears passed and with them, my angst for riding the bears that were built to spin, and spin they will - without me inside of them, of course.

I like to keep my greasy-sugared pastry and lemon shake-up inside my stomach.

And that's the thing I hate about carnivals anyway. Most of the rides go round-and-round, rather than up and down, which now sounds like a sexual inuendo or that stupid song by Dead or Alive. I am also terrified of carnies; circus/carnival folk. Like modern-day gypsy's they load up rides, get drunk, put together rides, and travel city-to-city - not necessarily in that order, but come on really, ever met a carnie you weren't a little frightened of?

And back to bear affair, now pictured above, I'm scared to death of any animal that is supposed to be fierce and wild but doesn't look to be fierce and wild. Where does that wildness go, as I load into 'bear affair' for the, now defined, last time, full-bellied and ready for fun.

No fun, however; just remnants of carnie-made-deep-fried-overpriced and heart attack-causing food - now on my chucks.

Go away carnivals, hide in the abyss of wonderment I'll now dive into, on a regular basis.

What I'm reading!:

An Apple employee - Gray Powell - apparently had a few too many and left the next-generation iPhone (4g) at a bar only to have a 'random drunk guy' pick it up, eventually figure out it wasn't a regular iPhone and Gizmodo got ahold of it. So here is a page dedicated to the next iPhone and the continuing saga, as Apple has formally asked for it back. And now, more accusations.

The NFL schedules are out and Worth-lis-berger is out 6 games. WOO HOO!

One young lady I had the chance to meet on a recent mission trip I attended made CNN for her choice to choose chastity in college. Excellent story. Check out the headline of the huffington post's blog: Lady Gaga, Franny Boyle (my friend) Choose Chastity! Awesome.

A new $100 bill. Who cares; it's not like I ever see one of those.

Quadruplets from New York have chosen to go to the same college.

ALF outtakes.


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