What I'm Reading 4.1; April Fools Day, Escaping to prison and ramming vehicles in frustration

What makes April Fools Day so great is how it forces you to be a non-passive holiday observer; you have to jump full-in to celebrate it.

In the spirit of 'All Fools Day' I figured, either go big or go home. And I'm not going home, at least not right now. A top-10 from around the world.

My initial facebook status today should attest to my attempt to 'fool' the gullible and/or fun-loving friends who may forget to use a bit of extra logic on this day of days for ridiculousness.

Apparently British media take April Fools to an extreme and attempt to pull of shenanigans all day long. One attempt from the AP this morning:

This year, The Sun reported it has developed the world's first flavored newspaper page and invited readers to lick a square of newsprint "to reveal a hidden taste." Just below the spot to be licked was the fine-print warning: "May contain nuts."

At 'Weird Muncie' to your Twitter feed. I have to be honest I've kind of given up some on Twitter.

The Pinot Noir is tasting a bit smokey this year because of the fires in California. Excellent story, by the way.

A man fleeing police near Cleveland, Ohio left his car and hopped a fence - into a prison yard.

This is no joke and I know it is quite unbelieveable but they are re-routing traffic on Chester Blvd., again. (Definitely a world changing event)

The JFK library is displaying a letter from JD Salinger to Ernest Hemingway which leads with; "You'll never guess the line I used on this chick last night..." Thanks to David Hale for that.

I'd heard a lot of biblical reference in regard to the show 'Lost' but here is a story about tying it all together.

The partisan scuffle is intense but a 70-year-old man took matters into his own hands against an Obama-Biden sticker-yielding SUV. And in apparently ramming of vehicles is popular lately; a man in Nigeria 'sent by Jesus to punish sinners' ran his car into a parked airplane.

And, a rebirth of Calvinism?


Video of Pat Venditte; the switch-pitching baseball player in the Yankees farm system.

Minnesota Twins outfielder Denard Span invited his mother to a spring training game and concurrently hit her with a foul ball.

I love preseason predictions of teams because they are always wrong. Over at ESPN the 'experts' are picking the Reds to finish between 1st and 6th in the NL Central. Thanks for doing your homework Buck Showalter; I doubt he knew there were 6 teams in the Central. And, one more thing, it kills me that 'the worldwide leader in sports' doesn't take the time to do enough research on small market teams, like the Reds; Jay Bruce doesn't play 1B ESPN. Thanks.

And here are some official odds for the Reds, this year.

Joe Posnaski's take on the West Va. Mountaineers and their coach, our favorite: Bob Huggins.

If you still haven't read this you need to: Butler is everyone's sentimental favorite going into this weekend's Final Four. This is the best time of the year; Final Four and then opening day...


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