12-0 Ball State!?

When I started going to Ball State in 2005, they were enduring another losing season.

I never would have thought at this point, as I'm about to graduate, that Ball State would have just completed an undefeated season in anything, let alone football.
Pat Forde of ESPN.com has a nice story on the Card's this morning and it can be read here. Once again, I never would have predicted this in 100 years.

And one more story about Nate Davis, QB for the Card's, and his tumultuous rise to becoming what some people see as a potential first-round NFL draft pick.


What I'm Reading 11.20

The Ball State Cardinals closed out an exciting game with a Nate Davis to Briggs Orsbon TD pass, last night against Central Michigan University, to move the fightin' Card's (as Letterman puts it) to 11-0.

And now: my soapbox. This morning I made my 40-mile trip to Muncie and upon arriving in the AJ building I pick up a Daily News - even though I hardly ever read the articles.

First off, there is a young man who covers the football team and has for a couple years. He has fallen into a good situation, as the team has been successful this year, and at 11-0 I guess it is too much to ask for a decent game story.

I want to tread softly because I know he is a fellow amateur but, after several game stories I think he would take the time to not dribble editorial comments throughout his stories.

And to you that say: well, Nathan I'd like to see if you could do better, I say: I absolutely and unequivocally could. I know football, I could report on it and I could develop story ideas - daily- about interesting parts of the team.

To him: just report the game, be creative but don't tell me that Ball State has had 10 straight blowout wins because what's blowout to you, may not be blowout to me.

I enjoy reading what happened at the game not what you thought about it unless, it is on the editorial page.


I have continued reading and am now half through Twilight. The movie is coming out tomorrow and there is a lot of anticipation from people across the world.

Besides drawing close to the weekend, I'm drawing close to the 200th post on this blog. If anyone has any ideas for the 200th post, please let me know.


Today is the Great American Smokeout, you should quit today. I have.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano was named as the new director of Homeland Security.

The history of the flag is rather interesting, read into it.

The Somali Pirates (sounds like a baseball team) are causing more to go up than the price on their heads.

Some people are predicting the death of the iPod but here are 50 fun things to do with your, obviously, archaic mp3 player.

When I was at the Star Press, I would laugh at the stories that constantly rolled through their Web site from the AP feed. Here is one I discovered this morning. He will get only soup from now on.

Crude oil prices fell to below $50 per barrel as demand is its lowest in 23 years, according to Bloomberg.


Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio were talking about Adam 'Pacman' Jones this morning and about reinstatement, again. For those not in the know, Pacman was 'given' a 'bodyguard' hired by the Dallas Cowboys, to basically keep him in line. Pacman then got into an intoxicated altercation with his 'bodyguard' at a hotel and Pacman was suspended, again.

So this morning, Mike Greenberg silenced the program and caused me to nearly swerve off the road with laughter, as he distinguished between a bodyguard and a babysitter. He said Pacman's 'bodyguard' was really a babysitter:

"A bodyguard protects you from others," Greenberg said. "A babysitter protects you from yourself."

(It was funny to me, because it is true)

Ocho Cinco is NOT active tonight and according to Brad Johansen it is due to Chad missing a team meeting after over sleeping. So it goes.

Coco Crisp was traded to the Kansas City Royals for RP Ramon Ramirez. Reports are, the Reds were close in acquiring Crisp but didn't want to give up a bucket of balls for him.

Brady Quinn is already hurt - I have to change my lineup, again. So it goes. Oh and the Browns GM sent an email response to a fan that included an (expletive). OH NO!

Mike Mussina retired after winning 20 games. I want to look into players from all major sports who have retired after having a very good or their best season - this may have been Mussina's.


What I'm Reading 11.19

Still sick, I awoke and went to work reading Twilight before watching BBC news America - now a daily routine.

The Twilight series is increasingly popular now and many fans of the Harry Potter series have latched onto the Twilight books and I had put it off until yesterday. And just in time, as the movie comes out this weekend.

Yesterday, in addition to buying that book, I traveled down town and paid my fines at Morrison-Reeves Library prior to taking out a couple movies: Persepolis and Trainspotting, an Arctic Monkeys CD and a couple of Grateful Dead CD's.

Later, after swim club, my dad and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, where I argued with the waitress, while attempting to make her accept my 6-free-wings coupon that expired last week. She didn't.


One story I've been following is the increase in - or reporting increase - of Somalian Pirate activity in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Africa. Yesterday, a suspected pirate ship, no not like that, was sunk and it is thought to be a 'mother ship' to other smaller vessels.

Speaking of pirates, Hugh Jackman was named sexiest man alive - something I hate more than the publication that produces it. I mean come on, let me decide that.

More good news on the economy.

The Seattle Mariners provide MLB its first Asian-American manager.

Microsoft is planning to offer free security: they might as well offer free software and computers because they are so far behind a much, much better company.

Can you say: retribution.

Oxford has compiled the most annoying phrases. I guess they have some time on their hands. Are you someone who uses these more than Oxford says you should:

The top ten most irritating phrases:

1 - At the end of the day
2 - Fairly unique
3 - I personally
4 - At this moment in time
5 - With all due respect
6 - Absolutely
7 - It's a nightmare
8 - Shouldn't of
9 - 24/7
10 - It's not rocket science

And speaking of Briton language, apparently half of Britons struggle with apostrophes. I know I do.

Seton High School basketball was launched last night - and they were launched out of the gym.

And last but certainly not least: who rocks the best mustache?


What I'm Reading 11.18

I felt sick this morning.

Nothing more to it; just felt sick.

I headed to the Square Donuts place on NW 5th St. this morning for their 25 cent coffee and a 70 cent donut. Check it out; I believe it is Monday and Tuesday mornings that coffee is cheap.

Last night I was entertained, err, annoyed by a require speaker for my classes in AJ 175 of the Arts and Journalism Building. OK, they bring in these experts, and I knew she would be the same as all the others before she began, and they put you to sleep for an hour showing facts and figures as well as biased input into graphs and maps and lines and dots and hell knows what else.

And I wait till the end, oftentimes collapsed in my seat, morose and ALWAYS asking: So, what does it all mean? They never answer.


Web site powerhouses are the new watchdogs of our government, as newspapers have fallen off in recent years and will continue to do so.

Dems and GOP's are arguing. No surprise, yet it is over energy policy and this guy. You can have him.

Speaking of politics, I always thought Henry Waxman, D-Calif., looked like one of the bad guys from Ducktales.

Considering Hillary Clinton, the NY Times looks into her husband and the dealings he has had and whether they are a problem for her to become Secretary of State.

Today C. Trent reported that the BBC reported that new Nike boots (shoes) smell like cat wee (pee). They often call them: train-uhz (phonetically for trainers).

C. Trent also gives us the Bowls that should exist.

Mark Cuban is accused of insider trading; what is that, you say? J.A Adande takes a look at the controversy and says it isn't what the NBA needs right now.

The Reds broke ground at their new Arizona Spring training home. Ugh.

Bluegrass music, one of my favorite, still-pure, things of American culture is hitting it big - in New York City.

The Twilight premier was big in Hollywood. I still have to read it.

We're a week out from high school basketball, another thing I still enjoy.

WATCH OUT! And, another reason, why I hate hunting. I mean how civilized are we and every year you have people shooting other people in the woods thinking they are deer. First, do people look like deer? And second, it makes me think that some people are so trigger-happy to shoot at something that they shoot at anything. I guess it makes sense; they're probably just trying to get SOMETHING so that they can get down out of their tree-stand they've spent hours to build, wrapped up in camo-gear, reeking of deer scent, freezing in 20 degree temps, etc. This lady thinks it's necessary, since we've wiped out the native predators, but asks: must we revel in it. I don't.

I don't understand spending, umm, no, wasting money on ammo, guns, deer scent, silly clothes and god knows what else.

I'll just buy meat at Marsh.


What I'm Reading 11.17

Beginning my day I always scan the headlines to see what has happened - overnight or abroad.

My most read sources for all types of information include:

MSNBC.com - U.S. and world news
WSJ.com - U.S. and world news
NPR.com - Hourly news summaries and world news
Telegraph.co.uk - Daily Telegraph, London newspaper site for UK and London news
BBC.com - World news
Pal-Item.com - Local News
Thestarpress.com - Muncie local news
Redlegnation.com - Cincinnati Reds news and comment
The Lot D - C. Trent Rosecrans Cincinnati sports blog
mlbtraderumors.com - baseball transaction news site

And that is just in one sitting. I often look at all types of sources for news but do not rely much on the information of blogs unless it is a blog that has broken a huge story.

Considering that:

Today I awoke to see that Barack Obama may have to give up his trusty BlackBerry.

And speaking of president-elect Obama, Catholics may have to repent if they voted for him.

The Onion reports the Obama win may have caused a massive void in Obama's most ardent supporters.

The Washington Post takes a look at The Onion and how it came to be what it is.

The Chicago Tribune takes a look at the revival of live albums. I don't know, I've never been a huge fan, but there are a couple I have listened to religiously. Thanks to C. Trent for the heads up. This one, this one and this one I have listened to a lot.

Albert Pujols won the NL MVP. He deserved it hands down. I'm surprised Kosuke Fukodome didn't win though.

Christmas is just around the corner and I will place a few gift ideas in each post - for me or for people you want to actually buy gifts for, if there is such a thing. Like this one.

Mr. Bill, the former SNL turned commercial character might make a good gift.

I just found this
story after reading some about The Troubles in Belfast, Northern Ireland and throughout the UK.

What I'm Reading

I'm going to officially name something I do a lot but haven't tagged as anything. It will be entitled "What I'm reading into," and it is the random news posting and links I post often times only once a week.

I will work hard to post everthing I read into during the weeks, save the boring research stuff I look at for classes and certain tasks I involve myself throughout the week.

Enjoy this video, it is about something I see happening throughout the U.S. soon.


Check out this guy

When does baseball season start?!?

The Reds just might make a run at something legitimate, well then again maybe not.



I'm on a roll today and not because I'm in a good mood but because I've been pushed too far with jokes and distasteful violence directed toward 'OUR' president-elect.

Here you go conservatives; a few things to be proud of.

And be ready for a column from me, on all of THIS next week in some publication, some where.

And i just know none of you wishing to face the truth will watch any of these videos.


I assume its too much to ask the BWWAA, B - whatever to vote for the manager who did the best job. I don't even think Lou Piniella was the best manager in the division. i.e. Tony Larussa. Larussa willed a team of no bodies, outside of Albert Pujols to stay in the division race until the last few weeks of the season. Lou, on the other hand, did what the cubs do and collapsed with bad managing down the stretch. Well, I guess it does help to have a lot of the baseball writers voting from your area.

A bit surprised the AL got it right and Joe Maddon was AL manager of the year.

Back to important life.

My friends over at Whodeyrevolution took drastic action as you can see above, to show Mike Brown once and for all that WE are not kidding around and that he sucks.

XM Radio has their new lineup out and I'm stoked about the Grateful Dead channel and NPR!

I'm reading Al Gore's The Assault on Reason and it is very good and NO it is not partisan rant.

Want a job with the new president? The application is attached.

85,000 - what's that? The amount of homes foreclosed on in October.

Knicks fans have realized they do have a basketball team and they have once again figured out how to support them. And more from the Onion - some of baseball's lesser known awards.

Richmond has a trend.

Ball State is now 10-0 and ranked no. 14 in the BCS. Who would have thunk it?

The Reds are interested in some Rockie players. And yes I mean rocky players. More here.



Here's some news that will hit home, from the Pal-Item:

RICHMOND — Area sheriff's deputies and firefighters got their first taste of equine water rescue early Monday when they pulled a horse from a swimming pool at a Niewoehner Road property.

The horse had apparently gotten free from a neighboring pasture and wandered to a residence at 2777 Niewoehner Road where it walked out onto a pool cover and fell in, according to Wayne County Sheriff's deputies.

As it flailed to get out it became entangled in the cover. At some point the property owners, Evan and Jane Collinsworth, became aware of the horse's predicament and called 911, police said.

Here is the rest of the story.


You've Gotta see the Yankee Flipper

Swim Coach?

It's weird being on the other side in regards to swimming but I enjoyed the perks this weekend, or should I say the hospitality room.

I'm figuring no one knows about my secret life as a swimming coach for Richmond Swim Club but now you do.

I have been coaching and instructing 7 to 12 year olds at Hibberd Pool throughout the week. They have come a long way and many of them had their first swim meet this weekend at New Castle. The meet itself was nothing to be proud of, if you're from New Castle, as I arrived at dark (7 a.m.) and left at dark (7:30 p.m.). The marathon, or rather epic, day was full of thrills and excitement and a few head bumps to the wall in backstroke.

The fun thing about coaching I realized this weekend is that I don't have to get in the pool and I am at liberty from the parents to do whatever I see fit to make the kids better. This weekend was no different as I set goal times for a number of them and most-of-which fulfilled or surpassed those times.

One young man in particular was in his first swim meet. Excited, nervous and a bit preoccupied with his new TY snake, led him to have a wonderful day that he didn't even know was coming. For him, who has improved more than any other swimmer I've had so-far, I told him to shoot for a 47 in the 50 free style, a modest time, I thought and one that should be within reach for him by the end of the year, I thought. At 9 years old, I never would have known what to do, if my coach told me to do the best I could just before coaxing me into freezing water to swim down and back. But, I didn't swim when I was 9 and never would have thought at 9 that I would ever be a coach of anything.

Anyhow, nervous for the start he threw himself into the pool with a very nice start and swam down and back in a whopping 46.99. What a coach I am, thinking he would only hit that mark by the end of the year. Good job buddy.

Throughout the day I helped swimmers get to their lanes, addressed parents, set up relays and dealt with one disregard able coach from New Castle, who should NOT be coaching young children.

The day was fulfilled by dinner time and along with Andi I headed home with my first experience on the other side and I felt fulfilled. The experience is more than I ever thought it could be and I look forward to coaching tonight and getting some reaction from the kids on how the meet went.



WOW! Other people have Henry dogs! Check out this guy's site.

Don't ask how I got to it. Go to it!

What is that? (throws up in mouth)

No comment on this article.


President Barack Obama

Here is an incredible slide show of people from around the world celebrating President-elect Barack Obama's victory.

Whether you like him or not I can't believe people not being excited about the outcome due to social reasons and the fact of everthing that has transpired in the United States in the last 40 years. Civil Rights movement to now. Wow.

It's a GREAT day to be an American, whether you realize it now or not.

America Has Spoken

Yesterday was a day to be proud of our country; with or w/o the outcome.

Awaking at 5:45 to make it to the poll by 6 a.m. to vote, I noticed the huge turnout as many were doing the same thing I was.

"Hear ye, hear ye, the polls are now open," said one election official, as he ushered the first voters into the Kuhlman Center in Richmond, Ind. yesterday morning.

There was a silent bustling anticipation amongst the crowd and it wouldn't have taken a presumptive journalist to notice it. But something about this day was different.

The difference was not bore from the difference in the candidates or the passion people held for their candidate, it was the empathic feeling from people. For once I felt America cared and for once they were showing it.

I waited for 30 minutes to cast my ballot - long enough for me to notice the lack of confusion and haste by the crowd forming behind me.

I watched as all types came to vote and took notice of what American's will be proud of for years to come - when they saw the largest turnout of their time make a difference.

And for many the day ended in disappointment and I'm sure some are angry. But we must move past this and realise that what 'we' did was more powerful than any result.

Whether you are an Obama or McCain supporter, it is time for us all to be Obama supporters because it will be his time to lead us soon and the presidents job is hard enough even with the support of his people.

America spoke and the result in the form of the candidate chosen by its people was heard loud and clear. It is important for us to understand that our government and more importantly, our nation was formed out of what was best for the people, decided by the people.

Last night was no different and without fault, the American people spoke for who they wanted to be its next president and now all we can do is support the choice, if we believe in this country.

I appreciate all who voted for whosoever they saw as the best fit. I applaud the American people and they should be proud of themselves.

Now, lets all show our pride and usher in a new era in American history and make it a time to be proud of.


Vote tomorrow!

I don't care who you vote for - well I kind of do - but you NEED to vote!

Make your voice heard. It is a privilege and should be an obligation.

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