What I'm Reading 11.20

The Ball State Cardinals closed out an exciting game with a Nate Davis to Briggs Orsbon TD pass, last night against Central Michigan University, to move the fightin' Card's (as Letterman puts it) to 11-0.

And now: my soapbox. This morning I made my 40-mile trip to Muncie and upon arriving in the AJ building I pick up a Daily News - even though I hardly ever read the articles.

First off, there is a young man who covers the football team and has for a couple years. He has fallen into a good situation, as the team has been successful this year, and at 11-0 I guess it is too much to ask for a decent game story.

I want to tread softly because I know he is a fellow amateur but, after several game stories I think he would take the time to not dribble editorial comments throughout his stories.

And to you that say: well, Nathan I'd like to see if you could do better, I say: I absolutely and unequivocally could. I know football, I could report on it and I could develop story ideas - daily- about interesting parts of the team.

To him: just report the game, be creative but don't tell me that Ball State has had 10 straight blowout wins because what's blowout to you, may not be blowout to me.

I enjoy reading what happened at the game not what you thought about it unless, it is on the editorial page.


I have continued reading and am now half through Twilight. The movie is coming out tomorrow and there is a lot of anticipation from people across the world.

Besides drawing close to the weekend, I'm drawing close to the 200th post on this blog. If anyone has any ideas for the 200th post, please let me know.


Today is the Great American Smokeout, you should quit today. I have.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano was named as the new director of Homeland Security.

The history of the flag is rather interesting, read into it.

The Somali Pirates (sounds like a baseball team) are causing more to go up than the price on their heads.

Some people are predicting the death of the iPod but here are 50 fun things to do with your, obviously, archaic mp3 player.

When I was at the Star Press, I would laugh at the stories that constantly rolled through their Web site from the AP feed. Here is one I discovered this morning. He will get only soup from now on.

Crude oil prices fell to below $50 per barrel as demand is its lowest in 23 years, according to Bloomberg.


Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio were talking about Adam 'Pacman' Jones this morning and about reinstatement, again. For those not in the know, Pacman was 'given' a 'bodyguard' hired by the Dallas Cowboys, to basically keep him in line. Pacman then got into an intoxicated altercation with his 'bodyguard' at a hotel and Pacman was suspended, again.

So this morning, Mike Greenberg silenced the program and caused me to nearly swerve off the road with laughter, as he distinguished between a bodyguard and a babysitter. He said Pacman's 'bodyguard' was really a babysitter:

"A bodyguard protects you from others," Greenberg said. "A babysitter protects you from yourself."

(It was funny to me, because it is true)

Ocho Cinco is NOT active tonight and according to Brad Johansen it is due to Chad missing a team meeting after over sleeping. So it goes.

Coco Crisp was traded to the Kansas City Royals for RP Ramon Ramirez. Reports are, the Reds were close in acquiring Crisp but didn't want to give up a bucket of balls for him.

Brady Quinn is already hurt - I have to change my lineup, again. So it goes. Oh and the Browns GM sent an email response to a fan that included an (expletive). OH NO!

Mike Mussina retired after winning 20 games. I want to look into players from all major sports who have retired after having a very good or their best season - this may have been Mussina's.


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