America Has Spoken

Yesterday was a day to be proud of our country; with or w/o the outcome.

Awaking at 5:45 to make it to the poll by 6 a.m. to vote, I noticed the huge turnout as many were doing the same thing I was.

"Hear ye, hear ye, the polls are now open," said one election official, as he ushered the first voters into the Kuhlman Center in Richmond, Ind. yesterday morning.

There was a silent bustling anticipation amongst the crowd and it wouldn't have taken a presumptive journalist to notice it. But something about this day was different.

The difference was not bore from the difference in the candidates or the passion people held for their candidate, it was the empathic feeling from people. For once I felt America cared and for once they were showing it.

I waited for 30 minutes to cast my ballot - long enough for me to notice the lack of confusion and haste by the crowd forming behind me.

I watched as all types came to vote and took notice of what American's will be proud of for years to come - when they saw the largest turnout of their time make a difference.

And for many the day ended in disappointment and I'm sure some are angry. But we must move past this and realise that what 'we' did was more powerful than any result.

Whether you are an Obama or McCain supporter, it is time for us all to be Obama supporters because it will be his time to lead us soon and the presidents job is hard enough even with the support of his people.

America spoke and the result in the form of the candidate chosen by its people was heard loud and clear. It is important for us to understand that our government and more importantly, our nation was formed out of what was best for the people, decided by the people.

Last night was no different and without fault, the American people spoke for who they wanted to be its next president and now all we can do is support the choice, if we believe in this country.

I appreciate all who voted for whosoever they saw as the best fit. I applaud the American people and they should be proud of themselves.

Now, lets all show our pride and usher in a new era in American history and make it a time to be proud of.


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