What I'm Reading 11.17

Beginning my day I always scan the headlines to see what has happened - overnight or abroad.

My most read sources for all types of information include:

MSNBC.com - U.S. and world news
WSJ.com - U.S. and world news
NPR.com - Hourly news summaries and world news
Telegraph.co.uk - Daily Telegraph, London newspaper site for UK and London news
BBC.com - World news
Pal-Item.com - Local News
Thestarpress.com - Muncie local news
Redlegnation.com - Cincinnati Reds news and comment
The Lot D - C. Trent Rosecrans Cincinnati sports blog
mlbtraderumors.com - baseball transaction news site

And that is just in one sitting. I often look at all types of sources for news but do not rely much on the information of blogs unless it is a blog that has broken a huge story.

Considering that:

Today I awoke to see that Barack Obama may have to give up his trusty BlackBerry.

And speaking of president-elect Obama, Catholics may have to repent if they voted for him.

The Onion reports the Obama win may have caused a massive void in Obama's most ardent supporters.

The Washington Post takes a look at The Onion and how it came to be what it is.

The Chicago Tribune takes a look at the revival of live albums. I don't know, I've never been a huge fan, but there are a couple I have listened to religiously. Thanks to C. Trent for the heads up. This one, this one and this one I have listened to a lot.

Albert Pujols won the NL MVP. He deserved it hands down. I'm surprised Kosuke Fukodome didn't win though.

Christmas is just around the corner and I will place a few gift ideas in each post - for me or for people you want to actually buy gifts for, if there is such a thing. Like this one.

Mr. Bill, the former SNL turned commercial character might make a good gift.

I just found this
story after reading some about The Troubles in Belfast, Northern Ireland and throughout the UK.


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