I'm on a roll today and not because I'm in a good mood but because I've been pushed too far with jokes and distasteful violence directed toward 'OUR' president-elect.

Here you go conservatives; a few things to be proud of.

And be ready for a column from me, on all of THIS next week in some publication, some where.

And i just know none of you wishing to face the truth will watch any of these videos.


Billy said...

Keep defending the guy that thinks we have 57 states. More government more government yes thats the answer. More more more. Or how about we turn over healthcare to the same government that has destroyed Social Security and many other plans. Duh! Spend the money, we will just print more. This man has never lead anything. What has he done that qualifies him to lead our nation in such bad time? Has he authored a bill? Ran a city? Head of a board? Yes he was and they gave lots of money out to some real top knotch organizations. The only strong stances I have seen out of him is anti guns and pro-abortion. Way to represent the constitution and Bible! What a great guy!

Billy said...

I dont know how to tell you nathan but every time a president is elected some moron says somthing about someone knocking off the president though I guess we focus on it more in this case because he is black and look over it in the past so we can make whatever petty argument we want.

nathan said...

Keep listening to rush limbaugh and believing that people joke about killing the president and that it is funny.

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