I assume its too much to ask the BWWAA, B - whatever to vote for the manager who did the best job. I don't even think Lou Piniella was the best manager in the division. i.e. Tony Larussa. Larussa willed a team of no bodies, outside of Albert Pujols to stay in the division race until the last few weeks of the season. Lou, on the other hand, did what the cubs do and collapsed with bad managing down the stretch. Well, I guess it does help to have a lot of the baseball writers voting from your area.

A bit surprised the AL got it right and Joe Maddon was AL manager of the year.

Back to important life.

My friends over at Whodeyrevolution took drastic action as you can see above, to show Mike Brown once and for all that WE are not kidding around and that he sucks.

XM Radio has their new lineup out and I'm stoked about the Grateful Dead channel and NPR!

I'm reading Al Gore's The Assault on Reason and it is very good and NO it is not partisan rant.

Want a job with the new president? The application is attached.

85,000 - what's that? The amount of homes foreclosed on in October.

Knicks fans have realized they do have a basketball team and they have once again figured out how to support them. And more from the Onion - some of baseball's lesser known awards.

Richmond has a trend.

Ball State is now 10-0 and ranked no. 14 in the BCS. Who would have thunk it?

The Reds are interested in some Rockie players. And yes I mean rocky players. More here.


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