What I'm Reading 11.19

Still sick, I awoke and went to work reading Twilight before watching BBC news America - now a daily routine.

The Twilight series is increasingly popular now and many fans of the Harry Potter series have latched onto the Twilight books and I had put it off until yesterday. And just in time, as the movie comes out this weekend.

Yesterday, in addition to buying that book, I traveled down town and paid my fines at Morrison-Reeves Library prior to taking out a couple movies: Persepolis and Trainspotting, an Arctic Monkeys CD and a couple of Grateful Dead CD's.

Later, after swim club, my dad and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, where I argued with the waitress, while attempting to make her accept my 6-free-wings coupon that expired last week. She didn't.


One story I've been following is the increase in - or reporting increase - of Somalian Pirate activity in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Africa. Yesterday, a suspected pirate ship, no not like that, was sunk and it is thought to be a 'mother ship' to other smaller vessels.

Speaking of pirates, Hugh Jackman was named sexiest man alive - something I hate more than the publication that produces it. I mean come on, let me decide that.

More good news on the economy.

The Seattle Mariners provide MLB its first Asian-American manager.

Microsoft is planning to offer free security: they might as well offer free software and computers because they are so far behind a much, much better company.

Can you say: retribution.

Oxford has compiled the most annoying phrases. I guess they have some time on their hands. Are you someone who uses these more than Oxford says you should:

The top ten most irritating phrases:

1 - At the end of the day
2 - Fairly unique
3 - I personally
4 - At this moment in time
5 - With all due respect
6 - Absolutely
7 - It's a nightmare
8 - Shouldn't of
9 - 24/7
10 - It's not rocket science

And speaking of Briton language, apparently half of Britons struggle with apostrophes. I know I do.

Seton High School basketball was launched last night - and they were launched out of the gym.

And last but certainly not least: who rocks the best mustache?

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Casie said...

nice sexiest man.

clearly he should have been in the top three ranking...at least.

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