What I'm Reading 11.18

I felt sick this morning.

Nothing more to it; just felt sick.

I headed to the Square Donuts place on NW 5th St. this morning for their 25 cent coffee and a 70 cent donut. Check it out; I believe it is Monday and Tuesday mornings that coffee is cheap.

Last night I was entertained, err, annoyed by a require speaker for my classes in AJ 175 of the Arts and Journalism Building. OK, they bring in these experts, and I knew she would be the same as all the others before she began, and they put you to sleep for an hour showing facts and figures as well as biased input into graphs and maps and lines and dots and hell knows what else.

And I wait till the end, oftentimes collapsed in my seat, morose and ALWAYS asking: So, what does it all mean? They never answer.


Web site powerhouses are the new watchdogs of our government, as newspapers have fallen off in recent years and will continue to do so.

Dems and GOP's are arguing. No surprise, yet it is over energy policy and this guy. You can have him.

Speaking of politics, I always thought Henry Waxman, D-Calif., looked like one of the bad guys from Ducktales.

Considering Hillary Clinton, the NY Times looks into her husband and the dealings he has had and whether they are a problem for her to become Secretary of State.

Today C. Trent reported that the BBC reported that new Nike boots (shoes) smell like cat wee (pee). They often call them: train-uhz (phonetically for trainers).

C. Trent also gives us the Bowls that should exist.

Mark Cuban is accused of insider trading; what is that, you say? J.A Adande takes a look at the controversy and says it isn't what the NBA needs right now.

The Reds broke ground at their new Arizona Spring training home. Ugh.

Bluegrass music, one of my favorite, still-pure, things of American culture is hitting it big - in New York City.

The Twilight premier was big in Hollywood. I still have to read it.

We're a week out from high school basketball, another thing I still enjoy.

WATCH OUT! And, another reason, why I hate hunting. I mean how civilized are we and every year you have people shooting other people in the woods thinking they are deer. First, do people look like deer? And second, it makes me think that some people are so trigger-happy to shoot at something that they shoot at anything. I guess it makes sense; they're probably just trying to get SOMETHING so that they can get down out of their tree-stand they've spent hours to build, wrapped up in camo-gear, reeking of deer scent, freezing in 20 degree temps, etc. This lady thinks it's necessary, since we've wiped out the native predators, but asks: must we revel in it. I don't.

I don't understand spending, umm, no, wasting money on ammo, guns, deer scent, silly clothes and god knows what else.

I'll just buy meat at Marsh.


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