What I'm Reading 3.31; Easter, Kidney(s) and Steeler stupidity

Quickly approaching is Easter, a holiday once known for Jesus' resurrection but now known for plastic-imitation-chicken eggs and over-sized rabbits.

Funny how Easter - like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. - is celebrated in varying ways by different families. For instance, I don't hunt eggs anymore, some older people do.

And on fasting; how did it go for you? I gave up meat and I stuck to it. And, I even liked giving up beef, chicken, lamb, weasel, etc. so much, I might not go back.

In Easter news: The Easter bunny may save your life, critics say avoid giving rabbits, chicks as gifts and a list of the largest egg hunts in the U.S.

Away from Easter, a new study finds that many people (including me) would give a kidney for a quick buck.

Airbags on airplanes?

Before you eat from McDonald's again AND more importantly before you buy another 'happy meal' for your kids, take a look at this. This guy is celebrating the one-year anniversary of a happy meal he bought, set out and watched NOT decompose over the course of the past year.

A history maker in our midst, despite what you or I think of him.

Another attack in Russia.

The Obama overhaul of the student loan system could come at a huge benefit to interested parties.

A new version could mean the end of a iPhone-less Verizon wireless network. Good news for me!

Remember all the talk of earmarks? Here is a state-by-state map of earmark allotment.


Things are looking good for the Steelers; first Big Ben, now smokin' Santonio, again.

The University of Conn. women's basketball team has won 76 games in-a-row and are headed to another Final Four.

Aroldis Chapman set to begin season in minors for the Reds. No big surprise.

If you haven't heard about Pat Venditte, check him out. Venditte is an ambidextrous pitcher in the NY Yankees farm system. He got his first spring action yesterday.

Reaching into the vault, Sports Illustrated has the story that proceeded the 1975 World Series.


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