What I'm Reading 3.29; Baseball, Bombings, Barack and Baby Squirrels

Here I go again, more or less on my own; in seek of the ever-present career which has eluded me up to this point.

About a month ago a longtime friend (can you call someone you've known for 2 years a longtime friend?) let me into a secret about some potential part-time work at a newspaper. Yeah, that's right, those paper things people used to buy and read and gain insight into the world around them.

But, in my state; featured as the epitome for a lack-of-motivation and what not to do video, I brushed it off, only to come back to it now.

So tomorrow I'm beginning my journalistic journey anew at The Star Press in Muncie, working part-time and doing freelance. I'm excited and hope this is a breath of fresh air into a career path that, so far, has been a bit, so to speak; lacking.

Baseball is one week away and I know I'm excited how about you? The beloved Reds are looking fresh and young; something to embrace but who is this guy? President Barack Obama will throw out the first pitch opening day for the Nationals; at least they have something to get animated about in D.C.

An apparent suicide bomber killed 38 in a Moscow subway; it is unclear who is responsible at this hour.

A police-car-biting dog has to take obedience classes in a town I was in yesterday: Chattanooga.

Here is an interesting timeline of media layoffs; thanks C. Trent.

WSJ.com offers good insight into the benefits and costs of the health-care overhaul.

Ten stories 'you' should know about this years Final Four in Indianapolis. While we are the pinnacle of March Madness; how about those Butler Bulldogs?! Several Bulldog fans lined up for tickets this morning. Kravitz has a good take on the Bulldog's story.

And, last but certainly not least: a poodle plays foster mom to baby squirrels in N. Carolina.


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