California take, well: III

With the assurance that I'd come out ahead I took a trip, Honda Pilot in hand or rather, me in a Honda Pilot, to the Bay Area from Richmond, Ind.

No, this is not the story of now, this is the story of 3 weeks ago. And by random circumstance, it is now the story of this week.

So, I delivered said Honda Pilot to my newly acquired friends in the Central Coast/N. California/Bay Area/Santa Cruz area. I got to spend time with them, converse about important topics and take a walk through the redwoods, no less. They drove me to the San Jose airport and I was on my way back to where people may read this.

To me the place (Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley) was/is magical. I loved it and I could have seen myself living there. And oddly enough, I've felt a strong pull to find something out there.

But I went on my way, thinking about the day I would again see my friends in California and when I'd get the chance to walk the road running along the coast with surfers in the background and waves crashing into the rocky walls of Santa Cruz.

Not five days later, storms began battering the Central Coast/N. California/Bay Area/Santa Cruz area and as a result much of the living space around where my new friends lived. I was driving back from Baltimore and I got a text message that said 'tree fell, house smashed, car smashed; see you soon with a new Pilot!:)'

I felt awful but joyous at the same time for the opportunity to once again repeat history, somewhat, and visit this place I came to love in a matter of only 48 hours.

So, here I am after a longer jaunt to see a few things yet unseen, in Central Coast/N. California/Bay Area/Santa Cruz area.

After arriving quite late or early, depending on how you look at it, I awoke after a nap yesterday and ventured down to Santa Cruz, watched surfers and the Super Bowl at Rosie McCann's Irish Pub in downtown Santa Cruz. I met a few inspired individuals, one of which tried to convince me to move to Santa Cruz. He, although I don't remember his name, said, after my question: "so, what do you do,?" "I do nothing and I love it," he said "I just walk around and go to the beach every day." He was dressed in overalls, a flannel shirt and drank cherry coke, while we talked football and California Livin'.


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