From The Star Press: Improvization has paid off for local jazz band

Check out this article from a great local writer on a great local band!:

Upright double bass notes elevate a cool hum filling Muncie's White River Landing, with a foundation of near-melancholy clarity. Beget of light conversation, an emanating vibraphone, feather-like brushes on a snare and a firm tempo, the setting is serenely at ease.

"It's a feeling," said Charlie Owens, drummer for Muncie's classical jazz group, Live Jazz Tonight. "Jazz gets in your blood."

For the members of Live Jazz Tonight, the eloquence created for casual listeners and loyal followers is the byproduct of practice and spirited improvisation.

"Jazz is an art," said Paul Rhine, double-bassist and flutist.

"It's an art form created as you're watching it, hearing it. And it's the only art form that I know of that is live and being created on display."

Live Jazz Tonight, formed with diverse characters from varying backgrounds, join together twice a week, not to display their differences, but their commonality; playing music they see as consummate communiqué.

"The self expression in terms of music is empowering; it's very empowering," said Owens. "They say painting is music that you can see and music is painting you can hear."

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