What I'm Reading, Where I'm working and What I'm Thinking 4.15

First, am I the only person who has to constantly fumble for their phone, widget screen or wall calendar, more than once per day but, and remember the date even if i've looked at it 7.5 seconds earlier?

Today my work day started with an e-mail from an unhappy source about an innacuracy in a story entitled to me. Sorry.

But here's the thing, I pride myself on accuracy and will check once, twice, thrice - just to make sure I'm not offending someone - or more importantly, so I don't look dumb.

Just as I was about to drop into the abyss that is sometimes my self-loathing, I got a tap on the shoulder and it was my friend in the next cubicle. A veteran of the newspaper in Muncie for more than 30 years, this phenomenal guy and writer told me he could not believe my story, set to run this coming Sunday.

I thought, oh great.

But, just as my day was about to leap off the hypothetical Thursday-cliff like an over-medicated lemming - he told me: "I didn't know you could write like that." He told me, people throughout the newsroom were impressed and most importantly the editors loved it.

So, although I'm awful at the sometimes-necessary prideful side of life, I was very happy and I thought I'd pass it along. Look on here Sunday for my story: 'All that Jazz'.

The rest of my day was dominated with talks of Springfest at the Waterbowl, local priests (good talk) and the delicacy of celery.

Is telecommuting the future of several jobs, including journalism? Some people are moving further and further from their job's home-base.

Thousands of flights are either going to be canceled or delayed because of a volcano eruption in Iceland. Check out the name of the glacier in the first image. Eyjafjallajökull glacier. Excuse me, what?

All players and managers in MLB are wearing no. 42 today/tonight in honor of Jackie Robinson.

How about this picture? I thought it would be a nice print to have in any home. The NY Times store is offering it in an 11 by 14, printed on fiber-based archival paper with the finest ink for only $299 or $495 framed.

Fake AP Stylebook twitter-guys story. Funny stuff.

Pearl Jam and more importantly Band Of Horses are coming to Deer Creek. I know, I know it's not called that anymore but i wasn't going to write Verizon Wireless Music Center. Either way, I'll be there.

A couple of 'dump' workers couldn't let some expired brew go to waste.

Apparently the Donner Party didn't end up eating each other. Dang, there is nothing intersting in U.S. history.

I posted this last night but apparently two people got into a fight in S.C. and one person hit another with the head of a pet python.

And, a barking man is an internet sensation.


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