What I'm Reading 4.14; Stealers, Rec Services, Bishop Blogs, Hot Dogs and Speeding Tickets

I'm looking into training more consistently. And now that I'm in Muncie more, I thought, why not just use the facilities offered by the university, of which I should be granted access considering my completion of degree and several-thousand dollar debt to the school I pay, on time.


For the second time in as many days my Ball State ID was denied as I swam at Lewellen. The lifeguard pulled me aside and I did what I always do in intense pressure situations; improvise.

"Yeah, I thought it might," I told her. "But it's okay I'll just talk to them about it."

Who is them? I guess I was talking about the imaginary people who will wave a magic wand over my now-1.5-year-past-worthy ID.

But anyway, I called recreation services and asked how much it would cost for an alumni to use the 'facilities'. She said for alumni with alumni ID's (issued at the alumni center; last time I'm going to use the word alumni for a while) for $155 per year. Not bad I thought and what a great break for all those people, who spent years of their life studying and passing on the good word of Ball State.

Then I asked, after assessing how great of a deal alumni got, how much do people who aren't alumni have to pay?

"One-hundred-fifty-five dollars," she said.

So much for appreciation.

After all's said and done, as my Econ247 teacher always said right before I passed out unconscious from talks about the stock market and liquidity, I'm thinking about getting that alumni card and pass, if for nothing else, the satisfaction that they university still cares about me and wants me to be fit.

Well, maybe.

Anyway; what I'm reading:

Big Ben isn't so big anymore. I don't want to say I-told-you so, but I believe it's in order.

Pittsburgh is rooted in class; DUI's, marijuana and two sexual assault charges. Not bad for the team the league likes to root for and who, on numerous occasions added to their 'winning' tradition through the misfortune of others.

REDS WIN! 5-3 and it looks like they're just getting started!

Another 'terrible' earthquake. This time in China. As of this hour, 400 are dead.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan's blog. Good stuff.

(Sorry this post is so sporadic; it's reflective of my mind, today)

Driving cars all the time it's easy to see that American-made cars are junk compared to anything, any other country makes. Perhaps the market does figure out what is best; American made cars top list of worst-built.

A beautifully-written story on a terrible, terrible occurrence these days. I mean, I can't understand how people forget their kids in their cars but, I just keep in mind that caring for your children is your first priority - always. Sad.

Speeding tickets are up. My experiences are evidence of that.

So, Conan is going to TBS. Good news for them.

Record Store Day is this saturday. I'm sure a store deserves my patronage after years of piracy. Here's one great record store, I've been to.

Hot dogs at all the stadiums.

And, lastly I went to Dallas last weekend but missed this.

24th annual A Taste of Muncie is here! Read the preview and profile of one of the participating restaurants!


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