What I'm Reading and doing 5.24

Who would have thought Thursday night, by Saturday night I’d be eating boiled quail eggs rolled in cucumber and a Japanese spice mixture, white salmon on a bed of shredded sweet potatoes and drinking Founders Red Rye Pale Ale?

And, not to mention staying at the Ambassador East Hotel in downtown Chicago, within walking, or in my case, running distance of Lake Shore Drive – beautiful weekend all around and I thank my sidekick and her parents for the splendid time.

We went to a wedding at the beautiful Notre Dame de Chicago church Saturday before eating some lunch (French fries) at Stanley’s a sports bar/restaurant with a parking lot adjacent devoted to corn-hole and Busch Light.

Following mass we headed to the reception where the delicious and fine appetizers of quail eggs, minced fish on spicy crackers and squash in Fila cups were being passed around; as well as the Red Rye Ale, a nice Bordeaux and Riesling.

Yesterday morning, Amy and I went for a run on Lake Shore Drive to Navy Pier, and then ran back and walked around for a few hours down Michigan Ave.; the Magnificent Mile, before heading back home.

Today, I’m really interested in further developments of the BP Oil Spill; and the reaction and re-reaction from BP officials and the administration. IS this a topic that will define Mr. Obama’s administration?

Used cars may be gaining value, while the new car industry is tanking, the used car business is thriving. Ask my friend Josh, and well me.

I made the Indianapolis Star, Web site at least!

New movie; Captain America will be shot innnnnnnnnnnnn……London!?

The Reds are going first-to-third better than anyone in baseball. I’m worried about Bailey’s shoulder and Cueto’s blister w/ Harang’s non-sensical approach to getting no one out, now.

Five Web sites that can change news.


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