What I'm Reading; Election coverage, Tased Fans, Pure-Bred Dog Cancer and Spiderman!

This morning I awoke in a pile of sweat, stress and anxiety.

A perfect way to start any day.

After rushing around, a couple brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts, application of mismatched socks and a struggle in locking the apartment door; I set off for The Star Press.

Now, because I'm 'part time' I don't feel like a 'real' member of the media but, today I was entitled to boss anyone around as I was the Delaware County AP correspondent.

I wrote three stories, polished and left by 2:30 p.m. I was to report to the Delaware Co. building by 6 p.m., as the polls closed for the primary election and I was to begin reporting to Spokane, Wash. on the results in Indiana.

What I'm reading:

Went to see Phish 3-D and at first I was skeptical but soon my skepticism although I'd hope it might linger, was swept off instead...

No apparent tea party affect in Indiana and North Carolina races.

A great lead from a great Keith Roysdon, announced the fact where media staffers were kicked out of the Democratic headquarters on election night.

Ernie Harwell, longtime broadcaster of the Detroit Tigers is dead at 92.

More fallout on the tased-Philly fan by Rob Neyer.

Cancer risks of pure-bred dogs by the Wall Street Journal.

AND, SPIDERMAN has come to the rescue, in a comic book store no less.


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