What I'm' Reading 2.2

After that disgusting display of a super Bowl last night, once again I emphasize a small 's', I made it to bed, but not before reading a few things that should enlighten and enhance your view of the world.

Although, probably odd to those of you here, London and the UK received snow yesterday and last night and the precipitation is very rare for the Britons, therefore causing plenty of travel problems.

And if you are having trouble (chuckling) there are plenty of contacts to help you in the event of a dreadful event, such as snow.

The super bowl commercials were just OK, in my opinion but you can vote for your favorite here.

One of the commercials about the two nobodies, near the beginning of the game, was actually made by two brothers from Batesville, Ind.

My personal favorite was the 'Tips - Career Builder' commercial.

Moving on, egg and sperm donations are up, many expect it is due to the bad economy.

I nearly forgot, the groundhog saw his shadow.


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