Final Night in London

Tonight we had our final dinner at the Prince Alfred pub on Queensway. Tonight was the last time most of us will be together as some of us, including me, are leaving on separate trips tomorrow.

There were also awards for the night for every member of the London Centre group. I received the "Most Birthdays in a Calendar Year" award.

To explain, on Facebook, a social networking sight, a person can list their birthday. Every now and then, I will change my birthday to see who wishes me a Happy Birthday. I tell people that I do it to boost my confidence but I really do it because it is very funny to watch the same people time after time wish me a Happy Birthday.

On one specific Wednesday trip, I had changed my birthday to that specific day, I boarded the bus and everyone wished me happy birthday. This led to my explanation of why i did it and the rest is history.

more to come later. . .

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan!!
Sounds like you had a good time on your final night in the Queen City..Thank's for sharing all your memories and news. I know a lot of people have enjoyed your travel's. We are looking forward to your return to tell us more. Take care be safe Love Mom & Dad

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