New Orleans and Back

Where was I, oh at the hostel with the pictures attached to the walls and a 'lost combat-boot' on thr run.

Anywho, we made our way back down to Bourbon Street just in time to look for a place for dinner and boy did we find a place. We ate at the famous Pat O'Brien's - famous for their drinks but should be for their food. I had a Cajun sampler; jambalaya, gumbo and crawfish Étouffée - to die for.

After dinner we had drinks by the flaming fountain - 2 Hurricane's and an Abita Amber beer. We then made our way down to the river and Frenchman Street to seearch and find the d.b.a. bar. After one pint and surveying the scene, I concluded that the same crowd occupies the heorot, on any given night.

Post d.b.a we headed back up river toward Bourbon Street and to the madness that could ensue. However, it did not (ensue) and we continued the night bar hopping and searching out every last type of Abita beer that was available.

We wandered, peeking into shops and finally resting at the Cat's Meow; a karaoke bar with a balcony which i like more than the entertainment on stage.

If you know nothing about New Orleans, you should still know it is famous for the balconies that sit on nearly every house and building in the French Quarter or Vieux Carre.

We headed back to the hostel after that and then went to bed, anticipating another long day of sight seeing and for me - driving.


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