Dreams are misleading

And, then a dream to end a streak of sanity.

Never blame others for misfortune but, rather, take in full perspective of all which surrounds. With success, you'll see everything seemingly and quickly worth blaming on someone else, is your own misgivings.

Having the luck for a few weeks to escape the reality of the abyss I created, I've been lucky. And, I shouldn't ask for more.

How simple a dream, steeped in reality, can bring it all crashing down within an instant of awakening. The cold air caressed my forehead, as the warmth of the nights fantasies quickly fleeted.

And, there I was, just as I found myself the night before. Alone. Tired and begging to attempt to relive times now so far gone, it is too late.

Don't ever let anyone tell you: 'it's not too late'. Because, it often is. They know it. And, you know it.


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