a quick, rediscovered passion

Today, while at the second of my two jobs, 5th of my 7 activities (volunteer, or otherwise) I discovered I had not really dug into Shakespeare, for a long time. And when I did, it was similar to the process before plunging in a cold pool; toes outstretched to unsuccessfully gauge the temperature, before shuttering at the acknowledgment and uncertainty before ultimately hesitating...and then the final leap.

Once in, and treading the words and over-complicated sentences began to establish familiarity. As I talked through one line, then a second...and then an entire passage, I began to realize that I couldn't only do it, and well, but I enjoyed it!

The Tragedy of Othello, the second of Shakespeare's legendary tragedies is the avenue for this newfound, or perhaps; rediscovery into the words of the 17th century master. I've constantly discovered that truth is often found through narrative, rather than by hypothetical discussion or consideration. For years I've bought Shakespeare's work in paperback, commentaries about the plays, and generally held it in high esteem, even from my love of the movie "Renaissance Man," which I watched a lot as a kid.

So, I guess I love Shakespeare and always have. Heck, I even visited his birthplace, where he lived in London, the Globe and his grave in Stratford-upon-Avon, during my time in England. Therefore, it makes sense I should discover, or rediscover a love in the halls of a high school, where I have come to pursue that which I should have long ago.

After all, "to thine own self be true..."


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