Longings to change/alter

It's only happens just like that, when I stop and do what I tell people - what I told my friend, just today - not to do.

Mentioned, the thought of growing old with someone, I thought not of that as possibility but rather at the longing I have every morning to do just that upon the previous day. The same, the next day; and the next day. We do that until we're exhausted in our own exuberance for nostalgia until we've lived our lives and have not the time to be old, because we've been old our entire lives.

Recognized not for my youth and energy, but my cold-tempered blandness, and antiquated view upon most things I cease temptations before they become possibilities, and then shed tears into a longing soul, truly present in reality to eternity that so many seem to miss. Apparently.

The truck has put in work, lately. But, the timing of payments to home-town lenders and having parents handle affairs seems to make things messy, until they're done. And, then we can worry about them another month from now. Unless we're late in remembering of course, for minds these days are so full with clouded foresight cast that we close our eyes to see the present time.

Longings. Longings. Longings.

All to change, yet again, and again; a day's perfection drips through our temple to the ground and we wake up to new desires/new dreams in beds that all sleep the same.


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