frustration around a campfire, or bushfire, or whatever

I will not be told what to do, even if I get trampled by those trying to 'do what's best'. I have yet to sign up for health insurance, though the government tells me I should, err...have to. The centaur-ing of the U.S. government, and bullying toward harmless (and helpful ) organizations, I happen to support, has me also feeling like: Hey! I don't really feel like paying my taxes, either. Reading today; I hear our president - who likens himself more to Stalin than Lincoln, if you read the language of the last year - plans on spending more time talking about marijuana legalization and gay marriage at tonight's State of the Union, than spend on true and legitimate problems like misallocation of wealth, and college debt. The man is a puppet, as is anyone in Washington. And, it's a good thing I've avoided the mid-Atlantic so-so capital of our nation for so long, because I fear if I'd spent 30 seconds in the vicinity of a politician I'd be arrested for having my hand outstretched seeking an answer to the theory if he/she has a pulse.

Lately, in the company of do-gooders and peace makers who flood work space and my life, in this land of dreams and pragmatic relativism, I've come to a point of visible frustration. The offense on wisdom from centuries of research and understanding of natural law, by militant contemporary ideas of do-whatever-you-want, is insulting to everyone - even those stuck in the middle of their own ignorance. The other day, in conversation, the tragedy of abortion clinics closing in Louisiana was brought up as if abortion were a life-giving, and supportive charity service. Isn't it tragic, they described, that a woman can't do as she wishes with a clump of cells in her body, and oh yeah; Planned Parenthood does so much more than provide abortions, they asserted to me. McDonald's got in the business of fast food by doing one thing: making cheese burgers. And, if you ask any reasonable-thinking individual, the same would hold true that what McDonald's does best is make cheese burgers. But, oh yeah! The also provide McFlurries, and ooh! breakfast sandwiches, and on occasion the McRib (to my chagrin). But, McDonald's is still a fast-food vendor with business model built on one key thing: making cheeseburgers. Planned Parenthood does the same thing; they kill babies before they're born, and that's their main thing. You take that objective away, and planned parenthood does nothing different than any pharmacy w/ combined (non-gov't funded) birthing center; which may or may not suggest the idea of less-than-lethal practices than the killing of the 'potentially' human cells.

The inside of me feels like the homeless man who illustrated himself in front of me today, by the gyrating of hips, lips, to the tune of a slew of 'F' and 'C' words, when he couldn't get the someone on the phone to speak more-clear English at the Social Security office. He left in a spat, but I'll see him tomorrow and we'll try again. Frustrated is just a word. And no, it doesn't describe my near disgust with an attitude to help that is more concerned with short-sightedness which almost always turns to harm. The whole damn system is broken, and that's honestly the best part of it all. All this nonsense is temporary, and though we'll be excited one day, and thrilled for victory the next - or swelled by defeat - we'll get up and keep going. Because, that's the moral of the story, or rather; the motivation to be drawn from the story: keep going, and tell people when they're wrong, describe it to them, or just get out of the business altogether if it's driving you mad, because that's what it's built to do. We're intended by the nonsense to lose our heads, and then be the one left in the street feeding addictions of things we condemned with more clear minds.

And, at that point, we'll open our eyes and ask: who is the ignorant hypocrite now?


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