State Of Contradiction

It is a state of contradiction we live in.

The recent news regarding the botched executions, stays on scheduled executions, and all news regarding prosecutors who now are staying away from 'pushing' for the capital punishment has me thinking.

And yes, it hurts. But not as badly as the conscience of every state which continues to embrace state-sponsored executions.

Since data has been collected on botched executions at least 40 state-sponsored executions have been acknowledged to have been 'miscarriages of judgement' on the state's part. Faulty research results, less-than-adequate diagnosis of mental illness, and/or misjudgment by lawyers (both defendants and prosecutors) have lead to an unknown number of innocents being executed. And, though some states have jumped on the bandwagon supporting the ban on execution, there are still some states where irrationality makes one think that the faith they so embrace must, ironically, not be sinking in. Yes, I am talking to you Texas.

I was surprised to read in a recent Reuters report that the death penalty has been banned in some states for a while, and in places like Wisconsin since the 1870s...a certain mark of time to make absolutely sure that the state killing its own people is wrong, no matter what the crime.

With the injustice to the sanctity of humanity aside, (though, it's the largest point to the argument) and with more and more uncertainty about 'efficiency' of execution drugs for lethal injections, and more push for human rights violations in all venues other than our state-owned prisons; wouldn't you think the governments, voted in place to represent our interests, would cease to make decisions that would further harm its constituents? And, all politics aside; haven't we reached a point in human history where the state isn't executing people in semi-medieval fashion framed by a modern aesthetic?

Seems dumb, and yet more-so appalling. But, that's the state we live in; where politics is the game, and the intentional killing by the state of its own citizens continues to be a sick reality.


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