A Whole New World

(822) - So, I finally took the time to comply with, what seems like the rest of the world, and host a blog.

Reading several blogs weekly and sometimes daily I know the code; write something interesting and people will read it. Write something un-interesting and I will read it, and only I will read it.

I took the time to go through the tutorial of what a blog is before I picked a template and a name for my blog (which I will get to later). As you can see I picked the black background which seemed to set off and allow for premiere illumination of whatever I write.

Not really, I just like black. I wear black. I have a black phone, ipod, car and sense of humour. Yes, humour, spelled H-U-M-O-U-R, which leads me to a reason for beginning this blog.

As you may or may not know, I will be spending my time from Jan. 8 t0 April 3 in London, England, UK, or whatever. No I am not going to sip tea and kiss the queen, well not those things exclusively. I am studying with the London Centre foreign exchange program, yes again, C-E-N-T-R-E.

Without further adieu, the spelling was a segue for my announcement about London. English people spell weird, talk weird and smell weird, from what I'm told. However, I am bubbling over with anticipation about the semester. I hope to use this Blog as a means of communicating with those of you that are not coming with me on my adventure.

So, I guess that is all for tonight. Be sure to stay tuned as I learn this complicated Blogging thing. I will have much more next time.

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nathan said...

Wow that's incredible!

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