Reds Land Cordero

Today the Reds, yes, my Cincinnati Reds signed the top relief pitcher and perhaps the best overall pitcher on the free agent market today.

Francisco Cordero, 33, comes to the Reds after a excellent season and is performed as a top 5 closer in all of baseball last year. Cordero posted a line of: 2.98 ERA, 86 K's, 18 BB, in 63.1 IP. His K to walk ratio was one of the best in baseball and was close to the best of any closer.

As the complaints begin falling in Reds country over the signing, I want to be the first to say that I support this deal whole-heartedly, for reasons that follow:

1. The Reds needed bullpen help.
2. It took Cordero, perhaps the best closer in the Central, away from Central rival Milwaukee.
3. Pushes David Weathers and Jared Burton, two great setup men, back an inning. And, along with Bill Bray the bullpen has a very solid core.
4. Shows legitimately, that the Reds organization is serious about winning, perhaps the best thing about the entire signing.

Yes, they overpaid a bit, but they had to. They HAD to pay this much to get the best player for them to win next year, other than A-Rod.

Looking at a lineup and rotation next year, I am getting excited. And this is just one move.

If the Reds make at least one more move, vis a vis----> Freel or Griffey or both for a 3 or 4 starter, the Reds will be on their way. Oh, and here's that lineup for ya. . .

CF Hamilton
2B Phillips
RF Griffey--Hopper if you move griff
LF Dunn
3b Encarnacion
1b Votto
SS Gonzalez---Keppinger (maybe)
C Ross or Valentin

A. Harang
B. Arroyo
H. Bailey
M. Belisle
J. Cueto
(free agent or someone landed in trade)


7th - Bray, Burton
8th - Weathers
9th - Cordero

Yes, I feel good, and optimistic for once.


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