Reds interested in Lincecum, Willis

As the winter meeting got underway this week, the Reds made their first inquisition into top Giants pitching prospect, Tim Lincecum. Not to be outdone, the Reds have also been in the rumor mill for Florida Marlins SP Dontrelle Willis.
Lincecum spent the majority of the year in the Giants' rotation last year, but is only 23 years old. However, as this is only a rumor, do not get too excited Reds fans. Even with the rumor, the Reds will have to pay a very high price, in my estimation for Lincecum, perhaps a combination of an outfielder, infielder and pitcher.
For the Reds to land Willis, I assume it will take a similar price, however, I wouldn't part with as much for the D-Train, considering his inconsistency the past few years.

1 Comment:

nathan said...

seems the Reds were only kicking the tires on Lincecum. It would seem a package including, EE, Hamilton and Bailey or Cueto would have to get Lincecum. Too much if you ask me.

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