Reds still serious about Bedard

According to one of John Fay's sources within the organization the Reds are still actively pursuing Erik Bedard from the Baltimore Orioles.

Fay would not release how the Reds plan on acquiring Bedard, or who gave the rumor. However, the main feeling is that neither Johnny Cueto nor Jay Bruce would be involved. This leaves Homer Bailey, who some have said is expendable considering the upside Cueto is supposed to bring the table.

A package including Bailey, Joey Votto or Josh Hamilton and another prospect, is what Fay and most other analysts believe the Orioles are looking for.

I believe if the Reds get a chance they should do this deal. However, I am very skeptical on some grounds. First of all I am torn between Votto and Hamilton. My obvious gut says trade Votto before Hamilton due to all that surrounds Hamilton including the wealth of talent that was displayed after nearly 4 years away from the game. However, the Reds have a wealth of OF talent, Votto is 3 years younger than Hamilton, and Hamilton's issues dealing with reoccurring injuries cause conflict. Another problem is the fact of who the other prospect or player is. Idealy if you can move Ryan Freel, I say GO! But, that is highly unlikely. I do not know who the Oriole's have their eyes on but it is probably a SP Mattew Maloney type.

One final problem is the fact of Bedard's contract. Bedard is set to be arbitration eligible this year and next and becomes a free agent in 2009. I believe a monumental mistake will occur if the Reds trade for Bedard and do not lock him up to a long term deal. Bedard has said he wants out of Baltimore and has hinted he wants to test free agency. The Reds would make a huge mistake trading Bailey, Votto or Hamilton and more, only to lose Bedard to free agency in 2 years.

This would test the franchises stability and Wayne Krivsky's ability. it would also test my patience and faith in the executive branch of the Cincinnati Reds, Inc.


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