Back To Work

This week he dropped the books, literally, and began working at the job he has held for (now) three years, 86 days, eight hours, and 22 oh, 23 minutes.

The transition should have been easy but it is easy for one to forget the stress and strain of standing and walking around all day at a eight hour-a-day job.

But, this time it wasn't so easy. Mainly due to the fact that he hasn't worked since August, and also that he hasn't done much in terms of physical activity in the last 3 months. The first day was moderately painless but after the second day his feet began to throb like, well like feet that aren't stood on for long periods of time.

It's funny what this job that he has held for over three years does to him, every time he comes back to it after a given time at school. He noticed just the other day his grammar changes, his stress level drops, and he cares less about becoming an elite member of society and tends to feel more a part of the blue-collar group he associates with at work.

He also noticed that the outlook from people in a professional setting such as Reid Hospital and Health Care Services, is different. Little to look forward to, paying bills, and what is for dinner that night. It is a far cry from: what we're doing this weekend, having a test to study for and switching facebook statuses.

Yes, going back to work is always an adventure. It offers a familiar setting with a refreshing sense of non-compliance. Work, delivers money easily without as much stress as school. It provides a break from what he "wants" to do with his life. And, it gives him time to think about what is coming up next.


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