Egg, Mayonaise, Ham and Cress Sarnie?

A most delightful aspect of British life and culture comes in a plastic triangular carton, three inches across and six inches long. These incredibly delicious representations of British cuisine at its best come in the most obscure combinations, yet are enjoyed by millions every day; including me, today.

Yes, the sarnie, as we British call them, or sandwich for the noobs out there, is a staple of increasingly fast British lifestyle and can be found in nearly every Iraqi grocery store, petroleum station and department store in London.

The truly interesting thing about the sandwiches though, which are opened faced to show their brilliant colors, is the odd combinations as I noted earlier. Just today I had for myself a ham, egg, mayonaise and cress sarnie, a mainstay in any British diet. Other combinations available today were: smoked cheese and turkey; cucumber, bacon and mustard; wenslydale, lettuce and orange rellish (which I just had to have one day last month).

Now we all know that the fourth Duke of Sandwich, an Englishman, gave the food staple its name but what you didn’t know is the inventiveness of the British in regards to combinations which are not limited to ham and cheese.

About this time you have begun to salivate or, in what I'm guessing, you have clicked your mouse on the red X at the top having realized what the minority of readers have not yet, that I'm am full of utter rubbish.

About the sarnies though, I have been unable to Google with any amount of success more of the combinations, but if they come available I will make sure to provide you with them, because through their oddity they are quite entertaining. Hmmm, maybe that is a ploy to get tourists to try them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan!!
I know now from the description of these cullinary lunchtime staples why you are able to tone, shape,& buff your American "Fizz-eek"! HA HA HA ! Once your home a week of a steady diet of Wendy's original thick and juicy double-melt, jalapeno cheddar,supersized,baconator and a double order of supersized fries with a thick frosty the size of a small trash can will fill out those jean's! Love Dad

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