Knight Helmets, Chinese Takeout (Again) and the 390

Yesterday, after the hangover (not literal) of an incredible theatre performance turned by London's best cast (bias), Becky, Amy and I traveled to Portobello Road Market.

As I had intentions of doing a number of things, I thought there is no way I will spend all day at this place but, let me tell you this thing is big.

Noting that the market is broken up into three sections, well four sections, we began going through the antique section that is at the beginning, closest to Notting Hill Gate. Sifting through the immense crowd and ducking into the occasional shop we looked at old silver, tea pots, knight helmets, kilts, coins, glassware, and old camera's.

The next section was the food. The initial part was mainly market style produce stands but travelling further and further toward the Midlands, we found Uganian and German food stands juxtaposed to one another. Although I didn't have Uganian food, I did have a Bratwurst with onions on it from the motherland.

Continuing on, the third section began and there were more vintage clothes than I have seen in all my days as a citizen of earth. However, there were several interesting stores and stands that had textiles and whatever you would like to put on, that has become the fashion of today. (however, not noted in the V&A)

After going through the clothes we got to the fourth section, what I like to call; "The crap no one wants, thrown on the street," section. And that is what we got to see before realizing it was almost 2 o'clock and we had been there since 10 a.m.

At that time we headed back toward the flats. Having purchased spinach, limes and mint at the market we headed for Tesco where I purchased bread and cheese. Now, I know what you are thinking, you were thinking I was going to make omelettes and mojito's, well if you did then you were right. And that is just what I did before we headed out last night looking for a jazz club, not finding one, getting Chinese takeout for the 47849823th time in a row before taking the 390 bus back to Leinster Terrace.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you can make me a mojito, after this bambino is born that is, that sounds soooooo good, Heather

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