Tomatoes equal Death

Don’t blame the tomatoes.
For those of you out there that are blaming tomatoes as the cause for the salmonella outbreak well you might be right but its really more of a ‘guilty by association’.
The tomatoes that have affected nearly 150 people nationwide carried trace signs of salmonella causing grocery stores, restaurants, and other food vendors to pull their tomatoes.
The FDA has urged people to NOT eat red Roma, red round or red plum tomatoes because of the salmonella that may be on or in them.
Salmonella for those of you not in the know, is a virus borne from animal feces. (poop)
Which makes me think, why not just wash your fruits and veggies. I know some people do, my grandma included, but some people don’t.
I WAS one of those people that didn’t well, in regards to grapes that I bought from the Church Street market in London. That’s London, England, not Kentucky, which may be more of a health hazard town than the latter.
I bought some red grapes and didn’t wash them. Leaving them to sit out all day while festering whatever bacteria it was that affected me grew and grew until the moment that I did eat them, to which I was punished soon after.
This caused a great 48 hours of abdominal thrusts I didn’t pay my trainer for as well as becoming more up-close-and-personal with the porcelain throne that I am now 4,000 miles from.


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