Wish Wash

Yesterday was interesting in that I did almost NOTHING!

Awaking at 8:30 a.m. is not a big thing anywhere but here. I live in a basement if you didn't know and so the amount of light that trickles through the crevices they call windows resembles the amount that creeps into Mammoth cave.

I stumbled to The Star Press at about 9 a.m. without caffeine running through my veins leading to a disillusionment with the world rivaled by only these people.

I plopped at my desk and planned to stay for only three hours. I received an email back from my advisor in London, Dr. Popovich who at this moment is still cleaning out the remains of 30+ years of teaching at Ball State. It was a kind email telling me that he misses London everyday and that it is something WE can only understand fully.

"It is a special time, but probably a time that can only be experienced in a certain way. We certainly are richer for that special time. Just don't let yourself forget to go back."

He also urged me to read an English paper online everyday, as he reads the Daily Telegraph. Talking to him also reminded me of our 'Happy Hour' we used to have at the local Prince Alfred pub, when he would buy nachos for all of us. They were good nachos.

Doing research for stories I ran upon an Iraqi doctor that goes to Ball State and created a prize-winning documentary on the Iraq war and the state of hospitals.

I discovered while drinking the coffee out of a styrofoam cup that it causes cancer just like everything else. At the rate things are causing cancer these days, I figure we'll all be dying of cancer in about 20 years. So much for you heart disease, I'm eating all the cholesterol I want.

I also began looking for a job on journalismjobs.com, and stumbled upon a job of interest in Georgetown, KY.


Here is an interesting column that I heard Paul Daughtery talking about. Had no idea about Bernie Carbo.

And here is an interesting article about Pete Rose and A-Rod and their interestingly close relationship.

The Reds were off yesterday and therefore the pains of losing two out of three to the BoSOX rings in the ears of Reds fans as much as, well maybe not as loud as the Homers that Homer gave up in only 2 1/3 innings in his most recent start.

It's beginning to make me wonder if the scouts got him wrong like Brandon Claussen, Ryan Wagner, Brandon Larsen, like well the list can go on forever for the Reds.

I don't think that the debate over the fifth starter position should be getting the talk that it is in Cincinnati as THAT spot in the rotation is not supposed to be as strong and therefore in my opinion send Homer down, and just let Fogg or Belisle pitch in the fifth spot.

There are worse things the Reds are having to deal with right now is what i'm saying.


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