200th Post

For my 200th post on this blog I thought I'd do something along the lines of 200's.

So here it goes:

In honor of Black History month, just around the corner, here is a link to 200 notable African Americans that have been fundamental to U.S. and world history.

A description of the world in the year 200 AD.

CC is the roman numeral for 200 and the no. 200 apears in the Padovan Sequence - thank you geometry class.

There is a 200 Euro note, as well as a 200 note in Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, and China, among others.

For Nascar fanatics, 200 is the number of races Richard Petty won in his career, according to Wikipedia, of course.

In Monopoly, and while speaking of money, 200 is the traditional amount a player gets for passing go. But you knew that.

A cholesterol level of 200 or below is thought to be a healthy sign.

The Rover 200, made by The Rover Group and MG Rover, is a popular car in Europe.

And for the fun of it, here are 200 impressions by someone I don't know. They are really good.

(And, oh, the picture at the top is what came up when I did a Google search for '200')


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