Camp Isanogel 2009

I'm working at camp this summer. . .

Go ahead, some of you and laugh, others clap and still more booo. But, despite what anyone thinks it is the most enlightening and rewarding experience of my life.

We are through 2 weeks, of hosting campers, 3 weeks if you count training. This session is a 2-week experience, with a mix of campers staying for one week or the entire session. I have taken note over the last few weeks and added up experiece after experience, hoping to begin this blog anew for those of you interested in the lives of those spending their summers assisting campers with disabilities, the situations we find ourselves in and the campers, themselves.

So, as I'm exhausted, being on duty for more than 80 hours a week, and dealing with things I never thought I would have to, I'll leave the story telling off to tomorrow and hopefully you'll join me for a ride that I hope can last every camper day, for the next few weeks.


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