Texas, Camp and Jobs

Camp ended without me completing a post on this site or another. However, I did enjoy the summer that was perhaps the most enjoyable and enlightening time of my life, without disapointment, aside from it ending.

NOW, i'm in the process of finding a job in my new found city: Indianapolis. I have had little luck thus far, although I figured to have a position now at another agency assisting people with disabilities with vocational rehabilation and/or daily living needs.

I applied and am confident but we'll just have to stay posted on what comes of the entire situation and it could be a long road considering the cuts non-profits are making due to the economy. Everyone is taking a hit.

The other day I took a job hint from a friend from high school. We met and out of nowhere he told me that another friend of mine and Younglife leader from high school was running a business that bought used cars through auction all over the country and then paid people to pick them up and drive them back to either Indianapolis or Richmond, IN; the site of the operation.

Therefore, I enquired into the job and mere hours after a call to the president I got my first assignment to a land I had never been to pick up a vehicle I had never driven back to Indianapolis.

So, yesterday at 0330 I awoke and made my way to meet someone else working for the organization also flying out to pick uo a vehicle in Buffalo, NY.

I met said person and picked up my itenerary, company credit card, dealer used license plate and screws to hold said plate and rode along to Indianapolis International.

After arrving I printed off my boarding passes, travelled through security, and made my way to my gate.

In a non-eventful happening of events I boarded flew out and then landed softly in Atlanta International, having enjoyed a cold-cup of coffee; I had to ask twice for and finding what I thought to be my next gate, only to find out. . . .


. . . and from what I knew Atlanta was a big airport, so i scrambled realized that despite my ticket said 'zone 5' i had no idea what 'zone' i was in except for a panicked one.

I quickly asked someone working at the airport and she said: it's just changed to right there; pointing to the gate next to my scheduled gate departure area. . .

So, it's been over a year since I was at an airport and let me tell you, in just 14 months i've become illiterate to the entire situation in airports. I can't imagine travelling to one, for the first time. now.

After boarding my flight to Atlanta I made my way to my seat. I sat next to a guy that looked smart, was reading a book on applied physics and had glasses; first hint my first observation was correct.

The flight was enjoyable with small belgian crackers and water, this time.

Landing in Houston, i was excited and yet in question mode about what was to come next.

I made my way out of the terminal, called the chairman of the company in Richmond and proceeded to take a taxi, which in turn took more thatn 45 minutes to arrive at my destination and more than $80 dollars.

NONE THE LESS, i found the auto auction, which consisted of a hundred-acre lot full of repo'ed cars, waiting on people to either pick them up or purchase.

I finally found my truck, after finding not 1, or 2 or even 3 people to help me. The 5th person finally called someone, who barely spoke English and who took me to my 2005 Chevy Silverardo that had no one wheel problem but 4.

However, the one tire, FOA or Flat-on-arrival was filled and I was able to make it to my next destination: Hub Cap City.

So, more or less, I left Hub Cap City and used my Garmin nuvi; sometimes my friend, sometimes my greatest enemy, to get to Jack-In-The-Box.

Following a delicious lunch compliments of my employer, I made my way north-eastward.

I stopped in Nacogdoches, TX; proclaimed as the oldest town in Texas. Snapping a few pictures and taking note that no matter how old of a town it is, being west of here, it is still a younger town than say, Richmond, Ind.

That kind of ruins the grandeur of the entire situation but, that is what I do.

Making my way through Texas (6hours with no end in site) I took note of roadside slot machines, long horns and yes Kroger stores. And we thought we were lucky to have such grocery stores.

I ate at an IHOP in Little Rock, AR; never to stop there again. No questions.

I stayed in a hotel in N. Memphis and basically crashed after a full day of driving. It really does take it out of you.

Making my way back, I arrived back in Indianapolis about 16:30 ET and proceeded to clean up diarrhea the dog left for me. Any questions?


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