NYC, Dayton Beach, Washington DC, Unemployment

Folowing my adventurous trip to Houston, I was fortunate enough to get a call again from my friends at MATS International for another job taking me to NYC or rather, Long Island.

It was a great trip as I got to see the ocean, an amusement for someone from landlocked Indiana.

The day after arriving home from NY I got another call from MATS asking me to pick up a 2006 Nissan Murano in Daytona Beach, and so I went. And drove it back, but not before seeing the ocean, an amusement for someone from landlocked, oh ok, you know what I'm trying to say.

I ate at Hull's Seafood Kitchen, and it has my endorsement.

After the Daytona Beach trip I had little to do except for a few empty hopes in regards to jobs.

This past week I traveled to Washington DC to pick up a car, a 2006 Saturn.

I now have prospects with a couple jobs at Damar Services and Lawrence Central High School.


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