Rants to my mom

Last night, you may or may not have seen my sorrow-laden rambles on the Facebook in response to another silent (yet roaring) cataclysm to the status of fundamental freedom in these divided-United States of America.

If you didn't, here they are, following the news of President Barack Obama's re-election:

We're all excited, now. But why? Is it because we've elected a great reformer? Or, an accomplished fellow who represents the good in what has made this country great? Or, a (sic) someone who is set to further the embrace of concrete relativism?


Like most days, today I joined a cluster of supporters of life to pray this early afternoon in support of the lives of innocents, whose are ended without a fighting chance. And like other days I grieved over the reality that those condoning the supporters of such grave injustice are my friends. There has to be a way to convey that some issues carry more weight than others, and even precede all other issues. There has to be a way.

Last night, for whatever reason, something broke in me. And although my passion for standing for the innocents has increased, a true thud to the reality of ignorance in this country - and world - hit home. And hard.

Tonight, as I drove home I got on my hypothetical soap box again, on the phone with the one who cares most for me; the one who decided I was worth letting live after I was miraculously created. My mother in all her qualities has the patience of, well, my mother. No one in the history of this world has more patience, I will contend. She even has enough to listen to me at least once per week during this election cycle, rant upon the issues at the fundamental core to all the problems in this country. A bold statement indeed, to which I don't attach a puny 'I believe' - a caricature of assumption rather than true adherence to one's acknowledgment of real belief.

My declaration tonight started with my aggravation at the lack of persistent desire for good in this country. And, true good. Along with my confusion for how people I call friends, and even family-members can live without having an anxious step to do something.

"If you can't get a job then go out and volunteer somewhere!" I said. In my spirited and mostly-aggravated assault on my ear piece - and my mom's eardrum - I cease to be as charitable as would be ideal. But, come on!

I couldn't fight it long though as I changed paths. The conversation turned to the election, and the sheer assault on religious freedom and adherence of supporters of this president in their blatant disregard of this right. I asked my mom: "why did people first start coming in communities across the Atlantic?" She paused and I answered: "It was for religious freedom, away from the oppressive corruption-laden governments of Europe and Great Britain, who didn't allow free practice of religion." They came to the 'new world' we'll call it - though i hate that nomer - so they could worship as they desired. Then I asked, "what's the first line of the first amendment to the constitution say?"

It says : "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

The most fundamental element to the freedom of our government is the allowance for free exercise of our religion. The reason the first groups of people came to the U.S. was for this right. And so therefore, those writing up the Constitution must have thought it pretty important to make it so declaring at the beginning.

How is it today, when the President of the United States, proclaiming to adhere to the Constitution can so blatantly deny this fundamental right? If you're not paying attention, you should be. Because, while you were sleeping or falling in love with his charism or the obsession to his wife's fashion sense, the man is trampling on the very right(s) this country was founded upon. The HHS mandate will go into effect next year, and when it does it will require Catholic institutions to provide contraception, and even calls for allowance of more money to fund abortions. A clear dissent from the teachings of the faith - and Truth itself - and a clear slap in the face to freedom of religion, and the founding fathers for that matter.

What really gets me going, I told her, is that there are christians everywhere who support contraception and even worse, abortion, and in so-doing support this president's assault on their fellow believers they claim as brothers and sisters in Christ. It's unreal the ignorance and blatant disregard for structure, morality, and justice - all of which were what made this country so great - and, so free.


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