Peace at our earth's end

Prophetic things need be written, when by the spirit of truth they abound in our souls, thrusting us to action. For when a soul is near its climax, whilst embattled to and in the body, the upcoming basking in glorious Truth extends itself in such a way so the soul can't help but shriek with anticipation. Nearing the end, and the narrow gate of which we've navigated toward, refection becomes commonplace and only the most intimate of friends sense the sudden worldly-peace; the now-defined plunge into eternity.

In tune to my God and our Lord's will, a soul slowly recognizes not only the simplicities over-looked, but the very will - and end - of the worldly struggle. Life is but a tarnished mirror; few scratch into the reflective nature, revealing truth, and even more struggle without illumination to enter room of our beloved.

For now until eternity, whichever comes first, we believe ourselves chained to reflecting on the prospective past. For nothing is more unjust than assuming to one's worry of things un-kept, or unfinished. The praise of our own Lord in sacrificing himself frees us from our human bondage - what a impenetrable grace! Words, mere human inventions, do no justice to the Infinity that is our God in every sense. By His very lowering of Divinity to reach our define-ity, we are saved. All the most-masterful works of art, and use of our most-beloved creations do nothing to reflect this wondrous blessing.

So, at a time when a soul must encroach into a world wherein there is ultimate justice; a world unfit for even the most-saintly of humans, what more can be done than to assume the role of a slave, and beg for mercy-unceasing.


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