I need to do a better job of writing down some of what enters my little head, but it's hard when most fleets so fast I can't catch it even with a long-armed butterfly net.

Recently, I spent some time in New York City. Heard of it? At the Catholic Worker house, on E 1st Street, where I made many friends, and lived a minimal life-style for about 10 days...albeit including night caps at Stillwater, a local watering-hole frequented by Oklahoma State University graduates.

The experience was subjectively overwhelming, as I spent time with homeless (which i love), ate three meals a day (rare, but wonderful for me), and spent time at Union Square dressed as an inmate while silently protesting the holding of those at Guantanamo.

To which this thought inspired me to write that I'm at a loss for the reason behind Gitmo, and the continuing denial of justice for even those who may be enemy combatants. I don't think this government can deny rights of even the most evil of those, with the worst intentions and then guarantee that any other human's rights are not at risk, as well.

However, I began writing because a close friend of mine is a CWer and was just arrested today, charged with obstruction of a government building. Which means standing where the local, or federal government doesn't want to you stand while conveying a subtel message they don't want you to read. The arrest was expected, and that's where I am stuck. I'm confused at whether I would take part in this sort of 'action' but I am not confused upon my feeling of whether I agree with being arrested, just to be arrested. Much like the Gospel message is unflawed in its Truth, I believe the message of non-violence and the peaceful acknowledgement as such is without flaw, as well. But the hearts of men are flawed, and if those hearts are even close to holding my concern, while shuffling to propagate any message then they shouldn't be on the sleeves, let alone body's of those protesting.


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