A Calling

A call to action to alleviate the inequities of this world is sadly only relevant if the bellower of injustice holds status in the unjust society. As a result, the call to action rarely comes, due to the intentions of the renowned individual, because it is their great action(s) and great fault(s) that allow them to take advantage in a world where THEY are the proprietors.

Determining how to pick up the pieces and become justified in a society once thought be limitless in potential for even the dregs, has no precedent and therefore the ingenuity of minds of a great underling society must be grande. Where to go with my thoughts and intentions when I am the aforementioned underling?

Faith fuels the hypothetical fire. Faith in God, in action and in possibilities that may or may not become conceivable with just the right catalyst and opportunity.

A call to action is possible but only with the ability to give of your full self, with non regret for personal loss; finding it in you, to live for someone else can be the biggest challenge in the world.

Selflessness is passion. It is something I work for everyday; a way to break from the individual-gain society we are thrust in. A bit more personal submission from each individual - quaint in distinction and effort - would yield much. It is imperative to give of yourself before you can fully and efficiently give to others.

Although you may have submitted yourself, those you are helping may have not, yet shouldn't be judged, as opportunity has given their struggles to us, to soothe . Understanding and patience is paramount at a crucial time when one may have thought all was figured. You will never find someone who justifies action in the same way you do; a challenge is to find someone who can accept your inherit biases and faults.

Dostoevsky said: “Love a man, even in his sin, for that love is a likeness of the divine love, and is the summit of love on earth." Express said love through action and in a blinding manner, being careful to not trump action.

Action, can be had and will be with time and patience and swift effort, even from the underlings of society. I wish for the understanding and enlightenment of others and for the faith to continue a journey set for no exact destination. Despite a lack of stature and power, difference can be made; it starts with each of us and the attitudes spawned from those around us, through our actions, countenance and silent conviction.

It is empowering without measure when you feel you have given you to something much grander than the self.


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